Yard Sale Frame with Chalkboard Art

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Chalkboard Art and $5 Yard Sale Frame-At Home with The Barkers

This is a project I actually finished a couple of weeks ago but with the busy last week of school and a week long family vacation to Southern California I didn’t get a chance to show it to you.

If you are a follower of At Home with The Barkers on Instagram then you saw my picture of the day I snagged this awesome frame for only $5! I was the first customer to this yard sale and no way was I passing on this awesome find!  A yard sale frame with chalkboard art was just what I needed above my mantel.

I already had the chalkboard paint and the birch plywood at home.  If you have been following my blog for a while you will remember the signs I made at Christmas with the plywood.  I had to cut it to fit the frame but it was an easy straight cut.  No pictures of this because hubby was out of town and I was alone…not quite talented enough for taking a selfie while using power tools 😉

Chalkboard Art and Yard Sale Frame-Painting Birch Plywood

Once I had a couple of coats of the chalkboard paint on and dry, I primed the board with the chalk.

To do this you just put a full coverage of chalk on the entire surface of the board, then wipe completely away.

Chalkboard Art and Yard Sale Frame-Priming the Chalkboard

Next I popped the painted plywood into the frame and did my chalk art then.

I wanted it to be as centered as possible.

Chalkboard Art and $5 Yardsale Frame-Mantel

I don’t have patience for things that take too long or require too many steps, so I took the monogrammed B off my wall and traced it.  It was the perfect size!! YAY!

Then I free handed the rest which is pretty obvious BUT it’s just the way I like it.

Chalkboard Art and $5 Yard Sale Frame-Monogram Outline

Chalkboard Art and $5 Yard Sale Frame-Mantel Makeover

Since it’s summer I added some lighter items along with lots of sea shells that I collect every year while at the beach.

The mantel is really the hardest thing for me to decorate…book shelves, table tops, no problem but the mantel gets me every time.  I think because I really like only a few things on there so it’s hard for me to keep adding.

Do you have that same problem with decorating your mantel? or is it just me?

Chalkboard Art and $5 Yard Sale Frame-Summer Mantel Decor

Chalkboard Art and $5 Yard Sale Frame-Summer Mantel Decor

I do LOVE my mantel though.

Did you see how we built the WOOD PLANK MANTEL and the HOMEMADE CHALK FINISH PAINT I made to paint it?

 I hope you are having a GREAT summer!

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Everything looks great in your home always. Your mantel always looks very stylin’. Like that you don’t put too much on it.
    I was informed on Sunday that I have too much “stuff” on my walls by youngest daughter. Her and I have very different styles of decorating so she feels free to comment on my style. No comment to her comments, sometimes not very nicely delivered. Go away, 44 yrs. old kid.
    I enjoy seeing photos of your home, know you’re a busy Mom and blogger. Happy summer

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