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Camo Jeggings Styled 3 Ways

I have to tell you how much I am loving all things beauty these days. It feels so good to take better care of my skin and take more pride in the way I look. Thank you all who have messaged me with support for my LimeLight business and encouragement for stepping out of my comfort zone and creating Mom Meets Style.

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My personal Facebook page is public so fell free to follow me there if you want to see my everyday life. Yes, there is a follow button right under the cover photo. This summer I started doing live Facebook videos and I am loving it. Last Friday night I jumped on while I was working on my kitchen chairs and adding new fabric. You never know what you’ll get.

Camo Jeggings Styled 3 Ways

One thing I love is versatile clothing. Items that can be worn many different ways and styles. I bought this pair of camo jeggings last fall. I totally forgot I had them and never took the tags off until today. I looked on Target’s website and although I don’t see the classic olive green ones they do have them in gray this year. They are super cute and I just may buy those as well.

Trends that I am seeing for this Fall and Winter include bold red and soft pastels. So that is where I tool my inspiration when I created these looks. All of these items were already in my closet so I will do my best to find the same items. When I can not I will link one similar.

Look #1 Classic Monochromatic:

Look #2 Casual with a Pop of Color:

Look #3 Flirty and Fun:

As you can see camo jeggings are so versatile. I can think of a few more outfits in my closet that would be great with these pants, especially black sneakers and a hoodie.

For my makeup I love a natural look. Here are a few of my favorite colors from LimeLight by Alcone that will look amazing with each of these outfits! AND if you are looking to join an amazing company and my fabulous team I would love to have you. If I can answer any of your questions please email me at [email protected] or become a Beauty Guide HERE.

This Lipstick color is called Knot Telling and is one of the best nudes I’ve ever used.

Camo Jeggings and LimeLight Eye Shadows

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  1. Super cute! I really need those leggings and love the ways that you have styled them! Can’t wait for Knot Telling to go back in stock.So pretty!

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