Choosing Fabric

I’ve been slowly doing a mini makeover on my kitchen and now it’s time for choosing fabric.  The fun part! I will admit, I have been known to store lots of fabric for long periods of time.  As part of my living with less, cleaning out clutter and getting organized, I was able to let go of a lot of fabric I wasn’t going to use. I gave away some of it and sent the other to Goodwill.

So now I’m choosing fabric in order to recover my kitchen chairs. I also plan to stain the table top a darker shade so keep that in mind while looking at the room and the fabric options.

Choosing Fabric

Here is where I started.

Kitchen Tour

I have loved this room but it has been like this for 6 years! Yes, I actually left a room painted for 6 years.  My husband will tell you, that’s a miracle.  In all honesty, I waited so long because of the super tall wall over the table.  I paid a painter when we first moved in but I knew I would be doing this myself.

I’ve currently decided not to replace the window treatment I took down (I plan on selling it.)  I am loving how the window looks without it because the view is so pretty.  I had already covered these chairs once before so there was a different fabric underneath the black swirl.   I just pulled it off using pliers.  I lived with that fabric during the holidays while I thought about the look I was going for.

Kitchen Chairs- Remove fabric

Kitchen Chair-Fabric Layers

Choosing fabric is the next step in the makeover for my kitchen.

Here are a few fabrics I really like…I’m thinking of going more bold.

Richloom Gloria Jubilee Fabric(Source: Online Fabric Store)

Waverly Santa Maria Desert Flower Fabric(Source: Online Fabric Store)

 People Also Viewed: Iman Ubud Opal Fabric $26.05 Covington Wilmington Multi Fabric $18.15 Waverly Makes Waves Latte Fabric $15.15 Waverly Mayan Medallion Adobe Fabric $19.45 Braemore Wonderland Pearl Fabric $30.35 + Iman Ubud Sunstone Fabric Iman Ubud Sunstone Fabric : Image 1 Iman Ubud Sunstone Fabric : Image 2 Iman Ubud Sunstone Fabric : Image 3 Iman Ubud Sunstone Fabric : Image 4 Iman Ubud Sunstone Fabric : Image 5 Iman Ubud Sunstone Fabric(Source: Online Fabric Store)

These are different for me but I’m wanting to add more color in the kitchen. Here is what the room looks like now. I’ve lightened the walls with Mindful Grey.

Choosing Fabric for Kitchen

So, what do you think of the fabrics?  Is there one fabric you like more than others?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share your ideas.

POST UPDATE! I decided on a different fabric all together. We are allowed to change our mind right?

See the fabric I chose HERE and the tutorial for how easy it is to recover the seats.

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  1. I love the third fabric, but then again, I like more muted tones rather than brights. I think that would look great with all the white/light colors in there too. Can’t wait to see what you ultimately decide. It’s looking great already.

  2. I really love the last option! I have a sort of ‘pink phobia’ or else I would probably have the 2nd one as my first choice instead– as it is it’s still a gorgeous option. All of them look fun, though!

  3. It is so funny to read the comments Sonya. I am totally in love with the second fabric swatch that no one else seems to go for! Of course you know I like bright colors. I think the yellows and greens in the second swatch pick up the colors in the fruit prints on your wall. I think after you stain the table top you should lay the swatches on the chairs and look at them for a while. I will be anxiously waiting for the makeover. Have a great week!

  4. I think the first fabric is my favorite. I also love the new gray walls. Your cabinets, backsplash, and black counter tops are exactly what I have in my kitchen, except my cabinets are white washed. I am about to have them painted, and I’m wondering what color white is on your cabinets, and if it is the same color used on your trim. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Lani! I’m thinking it will give me options for change in my living room that connects to my kitchen. Hope you have a great week ~Sonya

  6. top fabric is my favorite, lots of color to use everywhere else!

  7. Love the gray! And I agree with not replacing the valance on the picture window. I’m with everyone else … Fabric #1. It gives enough color for each of the holidays and opens more than enough doors for decorating those great walls!
    Hugs …

  8. I’m having curtains made right now in the first fabric. Isn’t it gorgeous! Love all the colors you’re considering.

  9. Love the first fabric. Don’t like the hot pink for kitchen in second fabric. The last one doesn’t have enough colors to bring out in the room. Just my thoughts.

  10. I actually chose the second fabric for a project of my own. I agree with the other posters about fabric #1. While the colors may not be as fibrant, the pattern wouLd be more appropriate for the look now achieved with paint. The other two may be more casual/rustic in type

  11. Love the new color of your walls. I think the first floral one would be just the ticket. Can’t wait to see the final result.

  12. I really love the new wall color! I think the first fabric is my favorite but I think the 3rd one would go well in the room. Can’t wait to see the final product!!

  13. I love the shade of gray that you used in your kitchen. I like all three fabrics but the first floral in the bottom three pictures is my favorite.

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