DIY Beverage Bar


DIY Beverage Bar / Kitchen Makeover /

DIY Beverage Bar

I have been very excited to share this project with you. The kitchen makeover has been a big project and this DIY beverage bar is almost an add on to the kitchen one room challenge, making it sort of a two room challenge.

I’m sharing all about the painting in this post BUT you can see the complete beverage bar building tutorial HERE.

I have been so pleased with the Americana DECOR Chalky Finish paint and I use it whenever I can.

We have this space under our stairs that has always been a catch all mess. As with most home projects, I have the grand ideas and my husband gets to implement them. Here is the space before.

DIY Beverage Bar from converted closet

YES, it was a real mess.

It didn’t take very long for it to turn into a great spot for us. You can see the DIY Beverage Bar is going to work perfect with the stock cabinet and small fridge.

DIY Beverage Bar Stock Cabinet /

To build in this space we bought a stock kitchen cabinet from Home Depot. I knew I wanted to paint it black and Carbon is the perfect shade of black.

Before you paint I would do a quick sand over the wood because it does come a little rough. Then wipe is down with a damp cloth before you get started.

DIY Beverage Bar / DecoArt Chalky Finish /

You can see that we cut a piece to nail to the bottom of the cabinet as a foot kick. I painted it carbon as well. This paint can be waxed but I have come to really like using the Soft Touch Varnish. It is a great finish and protects the paint VERY well. I have also just finished painting my kitchen cabinets with this paint and will have the full reveal on the blog on Thursday.

DIY Beverage Bar / Stock Cabinet Home Depot /
DIY Beverage Bar / Stock Cabinet Home Depot /
DIY Beverage Bar /

Now I must go finish getting my kitchen completed.

**CLICK HERE for the tutorial of how we installed the beverage bar.

How to build a Beverage Bar- Coffee Station- Built from Closet space

Visit the DecoArt Chalky Finish website for more chalk paint ideas and inspiration.


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  1. That is a really great use of space! I love what you did with it. Does the fridge plug in behind there somewhere? Was there an existing outlet or did you have to add one?

  2. Where did you find that adorable stand that holds your mugs? That is exactly what I need! So good use of your space. Thx Kim

  3. Did you buy the butcher block separate from the cabinet? And did you just measure the space and it happened to be something they had in stock? I’m wanting to do something like this for our home theater but free standing. Thanks for your help!

  4. Beverage bar is perfect,such a great idea,can’t wait to see the rest.

  5. Looks beautiful!! Where did you get the fridge from?

  6. Fantastic use of under stair space! Love it.

  7. That is exactly where this space is, between our dining room and kitchen! The soft touch varnish is so great. It goes on white, sort of like mod podge but dries clear AND it can be used on outdoor painted pieces and will not chip! You should try it.

  8. What a great use of space, I know you will enjoy it. We had the builder of our last house do this under the stairs between the dining room and kitchen. It was so helpful for parties to have all the beverages in one area. Great work and can’t wait to see the rest of your kitchen.

    Oh, and can you tell me more about that soft touch varnish?

  9. Ah this is such an awesome little nook! I love the color you chose. It pairs beautifully with that wood top 🙂

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