DIY Gold Painted Table

I’ve been in love with gold my whole life, even when everyone else moved over to the other metallic colors.  Maybe it’s because I was a teenager in the 80’s, when the more gold jewelry you wore the better! Really though, I do love mixing metals but gold is my favorite.  So anytime I can use gold spray paint, I’m all over it!

Insert this DIY gold painted table!

DIY Gold Painted Table-Before-After-At Home with The Barkers

This table has been sitting in my daughter’s bathroom since last summer when when we completed her room makeover.  It was a distressed aqua color that my sister had actually done. She wasn’t using it so she gave it to me.  It was cute as it was but it really didn’t go with the glam NY theme that was going on in the bedroom.

Painting it gold was actually my daughters idea! SO, a trip to Walmart for a new can of paint and we had a glam looking table very shortly afterwards.

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw this sneak peak picture last Saturday.

DIY Gold Spray Paint-Krylon Metallic Gold

Anytime you are spray painting be sure you are in a well ventilated place.  I always head out to my backyard and set up away from the house or the patio.  I have been known to paint near the driveway or garage but to keep my husband happy it’s better I move a good distance away 🙂

DIY Gold Painted Table-Metallic Gold

The table is bold, shiny and GOLD…and we love it!  It is perfect for a teen girl to store fingernail polish on, right?!

That street view canvas art of NYC is from Ross and it cost $14.99!  It looks exactly like a picture we took on a trip there a couple of years ago when we went down to walk around in Soho.

DIY Gold Painted Table-Metallic Gold

Here are some other projects where we have used gold spray paint as well as a room tour.

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DIY Gold Painted Table-Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Have a great day Friends,

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  1. It has help up fine as far as scratches etc but there are a few marks from products. It is in my daughters bathroom so it gets lots of things sitting on it but worth painting anyway.

  2. What is this table made out of? Wood or plastic or like a laminate “faux wood”?

  3. Spray painting is a layering process. Never over saturate an area. Move slow and steady and allow to dry before adding layer two.

  4. Any tips for getting such a smooth non drip finish as you have and what to do if I ever spray? Thanks in advance x

  5. I’ll never lose my lust for Gold I love this little table I just took one out of the trash…. Lucky me

  6. How many cans did it take you to pain this table?? Oh how I love it!! I must do this for my daughters dresser!!

  7. did you put a glaze or sealer over the spray paint?

  8. Hi,
    It looks great! Did you just spray over it as is? Or did you sand it? Prime it?


  9. Hello!,I swear I had this exact gold in my hand yesterday but I chickened out because I wasn’t sure what the color would look like on a piece of furniture. Wow. So wish I would’ve bought it. I’ll be going thru your link…I wouldn’t even mind spending an extra dime since you showed me the final outcome;) I appreciate you showing us examples of colors before I waste the money on a color I’m not on love with. Your blog is great. Love your humor/sarcasm,) have an excellent day!

  10. I never lost my love for gold! Love the shiny look of this table. It’s perfect in your daughter’s bathroom for a bit of extra storage.

  11. I love it! I lost my love for gold, but it’s making a come back! Have a great weekend!

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