Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration-Home Decorating

Hey friends…I hope you are having a great week!  I sure am!

I’ve had lots of projects going on around here, some have been blogged about already while others are still in progress.

I thought I would take a minute to share with you where I’m finding inspiration from around the web.

There are so many creative people in this world and with the explosion of social media, blogs and Pinterest, there is a wealth of information to be shared.

So, here are a few examples of where I have been Finding Inspiration…

Outdoor Inspiration

Outdoor Inspiration {source}

Color Inspiration

 Color Inspiration {source}

Furniture Inspiration

Furniture Inspiration

Project Inspiration

Project Inspiration {source}

Contrast Inspiration

Contrast Inspiration {source}

Just for FUN

Just for FUN {source}

So, what inspires you?  I would love to have you share it in the comments below or over on my Facebook page.

You can also find lots more ideas by following me on Pinterest!

MORE Inspiration for the OUTDOORS!

Enjoy the rest of your week,



  1. Oh my, you are so funny! Thank you so much for your sweet words and for spending time here! There are times when I just wonder if ALL this work I do for blog land is worth much to any one…I will say, YES it is thanks to you! Thank you for making my day! ~Sonya

  2. Well… I just found your blog, quite by accident, and now I have been on the computer entirely too long this morning, while I took your home tour and read all about you. My cup of coffee is long finished… my dishwasher didn’t get emptied… the dark load of laundry never got started… and the baby is still in his pajamas! What a fun blog you have! I may have to become a stalker here, but don’t worry… I’m not a crazy blog stalker, because who has time for that? When you have to run the 12 year old to golf lessons, and pick him up, and drop him off at the pool with his buddies, and pick him up, and drop him off at his best friend’s house, and pick him up… and when you have to change the poopy diaper and keep the baby from eating gravel when you’re playing outside and wipe up the applesauce that the baby slung all over the dining room… well… you just don’t have the time to dress up in a black trench coat, don your dark glasses, and be a threatening blog stalker! Anyway, I love your house — it’s adorable! And I’d love to have you over for a cup of coffee, so that you and I could visit at my dining room table… and then you could get up, sigh, and say, “Do you know what? This area rug in your living room is AWFUL, and it NEEDS TO GO! You need a rug like THIS… (which is when you show me one online).. and you need THESE throw pillows (also shown to me online)… and could I just rearrange your furniture, and my word! Is that cat food all over your kitchen floor that the baby dumped out? Let me clean that up for you, and I’ll share a little secret for getting your hardwood floors to sparkle.” Wouldn’t that be fun?! Because Jesus didn’t give me the spiritual gift of decorating. Not at all. He also didn’t bless me with the ability to sing. Oh, well. Have a happy Wednesday!

  3. Isn’t that polka dot chair adorable? All of these are great!

  4. You are welcome Laura! It was such a cute and fun table, I had to share it! Enjoy your week as well. ~Sonya

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