Homebody Adventures

Truth~I am a homebody!

I love being at home, in my comfort zone. Even my blog tagline, “Where every thought is of home” tells you a lot about me. SO these are my homebody adventures. Thankfully though, I am married to a man who loves to take me out of my comfort zone. He is my adventure man! He loves to travel!  He loves to travel with me!!  He loves to travel with our kids when their school schedule allows!!!! In all honesty, he would live in another country for a few years if I would agree…the thought freaks me out!

I’ve been looking through photos of our travels and I see how great it is to explore this world God created.  So I thought I would share some with all of you. Photos of us hanging out, touring new cities or trying something totally new and sometimes scary!  But there are also some photos of things that inspire me. Whether it be colors, nature, or a city skyline.

New York City Sky

June 2008, Sunset view at the top of 30 Rock in New York City!  It is breath taking. Ray has traveled to NYC many times for business so he gets us around like a local. Otherwise, I would never ride the subway!

NYC trip with kids

Same trip to NYC…my kiddos sure were little!  Although it seems very touristy (is that a word…) I believe everyone should see Lady Liberty up close and personal. Simply amazing! We also made sure to see a game at Yankee Stadium.


NYC Trip with Teens

AND this is last summer, 2012!  Look, my babies grew up.  This was taken near NYU.  Really cool part of town, aka, the non-touristy part!

New York City Trip- Great family trip

Central Park…so much to take in but so peaceful amongst all the hustle and bustle.

I love New York City

Travel Post from At Home with The Barkers

We have been to Las Vegas a few times, even for our Honeymoon in 1994, but I’m certain I could never go again the rest of my life and be totally fine with that 🙂

Los Vegas Moto Speedway

We did have a great time doing a ride along at the Richard Petty Driving experience.  A professional driver, going I have no idea how fast, inches from the wall just to scare me…I LOVED IT!!  Maybe I’m adventurous after all!  I’m not a fan of Nascar but my hubby sure did look sexy in that jumpsuit climbing through the window of that race car, just sayin’!

Spain travel

Ray had a business trip to Barcelona, Spain in 2010…no way was he passing up the opportunity to extend that trip and take me!  He was working on site at a Formula One race track (you know, the rich people’s version of Nascar!) and I tagged along.  Luckily for me, the security was super tight and instead of leaving me unattended, a nice man gave me a guided tour to walk on the race track, sorry honey BUT it was awesome!

Barcelona Spain travel

Fat Tire Bicycle tour around Barcelona is a must!  We rode over cobble stone streets, past bull fighting protesters, finally making our way to the ocean where the Olympics were held.

Homebody and Travels

I’ll end this post (sorry it was long but I have so many photos, it was hard to choose and I didn’t even show you San Francisco, New Orleans or Breckenridge, Colorado!) with some tropical flair!  A cruise to Key West and the Bahama’s as well as a stay at Atlantis (2 different trips.)


Travel post


This has me longing for salt water, blonde hair and a tan!  How about you?

Do you travel? Where is your favorite place ever?? Please share…we may just want to go there next!






  1. I can relate to this post as well as your position on being at home. There’s nothing I like better than pulling in my own driveway in the Palmetto state. But, here’s the thing. My high school sweetheart engineer husband who graduated from Clemson and loves to travel? Well, he won…I am sitting here in Bamberg, Germany and will be for the next 2 years, give or take six months. We got here late August-I’ve made it six months which I never, ever thought would happen back in September! Germany is amazing and I have to say I love the way the Germans live and think. But, I can also tell you that in 113 days I will be back in God’s country for six weeks and I cannot wait!!

  2. Great blog post sis! Wow didn’t realize you have been so many places!

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