How to get your floors to shine

Ever wonder how to get your floors to shine when they are dull and worn out? I sure have!

Are your floors dull from shoes, furniture, toys, and who knows what else? Mine sure were!

Do you want them to be brought back to like? YES, please!

Dull worn out hardwood flooring is very expensive to have refinished. Cleaning them quick and easy can make all the difference. Click to read all about this product I love.

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How to get your floors to shine:

Then you will love what I found!

The product is called Quick Shine Floor Finish by Holloway House  and it is awesome! It has received the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice label. Safe for your family, children and pets.

Here is what my kitchen floor looked like before. This is after I moped, yikes.  See how dull and dirty they still looked.  The floors really do need to be refinished but I’m just not up for the fumes and havoc right now.

Update 2022: We had our hardwood floors refinished and they look amazing.

Dull hardwood floors come back to life with Quick Shine /
Dull hardwood floors come back to life with Quick Shine /

The Quick Shine Floor Finish is applied to a clean, dry floor with a damp sponge mop.  Just squirt right out of the bottle on to the floor.  That’s ALL…It is that easy!

In the picture below you can see where I started from the door and worked toward the table.  I stopped to show you the difference with just one coat of Quick Shine.  You can do more than one coat, just let it dry in between applications, approximately 30 minutes.

How to bring hardwood floors back to life /

FYI…Be sure to sit the bottle of Quick Shine on a paper plate or towel! OR you might end up with a few shiny spots on your painted TV cabinet that you didn’t want shiny!

Quick Shine Hardwood Floor product

It really was simple to use and the fact that it is environmentally friendly makes it even better!

How to get your hardwood floors to shine

So there you have it, how to get your floors to shine!

Cleaning house can be much easier when things are in the right place to start. I am happy to have found a book that has changed my way of thinking about decluttering my home.

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  1. Thank you for this! I’ve been using Bona but my floors are still dull. I always feel like they look like they are dusty even after I vacuum, dry mop and clean w/ Bona. Frustrating! I am for sure going to try this product!!!

  2. Sounds like you have taken great care of your floors! Way to go! My floors were already dull 🙁 when I bought my house so this product has worked well for me.

  3. When I had my wood floors polyurethane-coated – (20yrs ago), I was warned not to use anything that leaves a residue on floor as it will interfere with future refresh coatings. I was told only use a mix of hot water and methylated spirits which seem to have works quite well. Some high traffic spots are a bit duller than rest and that’s not bad considering I was supposed to have done a reapplication every 5 years.

    I read some above comments that indicate this product does leave a coating that will build up with reapplication. Can anyone confirm this?

  4. I haven’t had any problems like that and I have an indoor dog. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I used to use this on my floors and it did give a great shine, but it does build up and if there is anything on the floor at all when you put it on, like dog hair or people hair etc, it gets waxed in with the Holloway and then you can’t get it up. This is a real problem if you have pets or if your floors aren’t absolutely spotless when you wax them.

  6. Awesome! I will be having a giveaway soon with a fun kit Holloway House sent me to give away to a lucky winner! Be sure you are subscribed to not miss out!

  7. I accidently picked up Holloway Hse at walmart because I had used all the others offered and not one held up. I used this product one time and I was amazed. My floors looked just like the ones above and now they look like they have been refinished. no joke. I cant believe how long it lasts too. I will never used anything else. I didn’t know there werer more products. will check them out thank uou.

  8. Just curious if this product has an odor. I have a parrot,and have to be careful. Since it’s DecemberI can’t open windows. Thanks!

  9. Just curious about the odor if any. ..
    I have a parrot,and it’s December. I can’t open the windows,and have to be careful for my feathered baby! Thanks!

  10. That looks awesome! Do you know how well it works on faux wood floors? We just bought a house with laminate wood flooring and it’s been a nightmare trying to find something that cleans and shine but doesn’t leaves terrible streaks all over!!

  11. My wood floors are worn even more than your’s. I plan on giving this a try. Have used Johnson Wax before but this looks much better.

  12. I haven’t noticed any waxy build up and I’ve been using for several years.

  13. Thank you! I only used 2 coats. It really goes along way. I’ve can do my house with 1 bottle 2-3 times, but of course that depends on how much flooring you have.

  14. Just curious, how many coats did you end up doing to get the look in your final pictures? And how many bottles of the quick shine did that take? We’ve been in our house for a few years and recently decided to take out the carpet and go to hardwood…to our surprise there is hardwood under the carpet!! It’s a bit dull right now, but I thought we might get to tearing out the carpet before the holidays if we can give them a quick little shine…otherwise I was going to wait until after the holidays…this stuff has me hopeful that I’ll be getting rid of that carpet a lot sooner than I thought!! Your floors look great!

  15. I use the Holloway House lemon oil to remove hard water and soap scum build up on my shower doors. I’ve never seen anything that works as good as this. I always have trouble finding it, so when I do, I stock up.

  16. It’s not like a wax is it? I don’t want build up. I put something on a couple years ago and I’m am still trying to get it off my hardwoods.

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