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My Kitchen…

Although I have been in the mood to do a mini makeover on my kitchen I wanted to give you a kitchen tour of how it is now.

So get ready for picture overload 🙂

Wait…before we get started, I thought you should know,

my awesome husband did the tile work! (I assisted)

Oh, and I painted and glazed the cabinets. (He did not assist, he hates painting)

Kithcen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

One of the changes I would like to make will be to stain the table top darker 🙂

Kitchen Tour

My kitchen has a view into the family room but is not an open floor plan…something I have actually enjoyed!  We had the open concept in our previous house and I like that this one is a separate room.

Kitchen Tour

These floors really need to be refinished but because of the Quick Shine product I used on them they are looking really good.  You can read about How to get your floors to shine here.

Kitchen Tour

The cabinets started out white and I painted them an antique white then added the glaze.

For fun, here is what they looked like when we bought our house…

Kitchen Tour Before

Kithcen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

This lazy susan was an Ikea purchase.  I just spray painted it black and distressed it! It is a great piece to use for parties.  You can put condiments on it and it spins so you can reach everything.

Kitchen Tour

This little box was a yard sale find.  Spray paint once again and distressing brought it back to life.

Perfect for our electronics!

Kitchen Tour

We have a beautiful view out into our back yard. One of my MOST favorite spots in the house.

If you follow me on Instagram, which you totally should, you will see me post lots of pics sitting here while I work!

Kitchen Tour

AND if you have read my About The Barkers page you will know why I love this sign 🙂

Kitchen Tour

The kitchen really is the heart of the home!

I thank you for stopping by and spending some time At Home with The Barkers!

***The kitchen has a new paint color, you can check it out here.

***More details on my painted Cabinets here.



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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I did not prime my cabinets, they were white so no need. I did clean them very well to ensure no grease or any other residue was on them. I did use a regular paint brush first in all of the detail areas but all flat surfaces were painted with the foam roller. The glazing was just wiped on in the areas that I wanted to show more detail then wiped off any excess. I see you are commenting on the Kitchen Tour but not sure if you saw the post I wrote about what paint I used on the cabinets.

    Good Luck with your cabinets! Please feel free to message me if you have any more questions. ~Sonya

  2. Hey I stumbled on your site via pinterest. We are about to tackle painting our cabinets so I have a few questions… first you used a foam roller to apply the primer or did you use a regular paint brush for the doors(since the doors are not a flat surface) after the primer did you sand before applying your paint color and how did you go about applying the glaze (what technique did you use)??? I have read about a few different ones. Love your kitchen it looks great!

  3. Awww, thank you so much! The back splash is tumbled stone and we bought it on big clearance from a store in Atlanta called Floor & Decor.

  4. Beautiful cabinets!! I am using this photo as inspiration for my kitchen revamp. Where did you find your stone backsplash?

  5. Your kitchen in beautiful Sonya. Love what you did to the cabinets. What glaze did you use? Also, will you be posting a tutorial, and if not, do you have any tips for getting such a smooth finish? And did you remove all the doors or leave them on while you painted? I’ve wanted to do mine for years, the same as yours. The only reason I hesitate is because there is a diamond pattern etched in the doors, and I’m not sure how they will look painted, or how to get rid of the pattern. So I would love any advice you can give. Thanks!!

  6. Luckily I have never had anything my husband wouldn’t let me paint…but your cabinets sound beautiful as they are.
    I am going to Haven…nervous and excited! Are you?

  7. I do love it Pamela…but like every blogger/designer I know, there is always something you want to change 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  8. oops hit the wrong key!! I just love what you did to your cabinets!! My hubby and i built a new house about 5 years ago and we put in these beautiful wood shaker cabinets but I just am dying for a white kitchen and my hubby will NOT let me paint them. Uggg, I am in cabinet envy! great job! Are you going to Haven??

  9. Love your kitchen makeover! I know it must make ya smile every time you go in there.

  10. Hi Sonia! I love your kitchen. Do you mind to tell what type of paint you did use? Thanks

  11. Thanks so much Judy for your sweet comments! I will check out your party. Thank you for stopping by.

  12. Thanks so much for your sweet words! It is a but time consuming but worth it! Are your cabinets currently painted and you want to change the color or are they stained?

  13. I love your kitchen! What a beautiful job you did on the cabinets. I’m working up the nerve to try paint mine. It seems so daunting. I love yours.

    Linda At The French Hens Nest

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