Moving Furniture and other stuff too

Every year after the Christmas decorations get put away, I get the itch to start moving things around.  Moving furniture is so much fun to me.  Moving things around within the room as well as shopping my house is the best way to give a room a new look.  Well, not completely new but you know what I mean.

Redesign Living Room-Love

I moved the dresser from the foyer to my living room.  I LOVE IT!  I placed it between the window and added the wing back chair and leather recliner on each side of it.  Even though I only swapped the sofa for the chairs it really opened this room up.  It feels bigger.  I think it’s because you can now see more of the window.

Redesign Living Room-Antlers

Then I played around with these antlers.  Some awesome friends of mine gave them to me! I plan to add them to a piece of wood and hang them on the wall.  Until then I moved them around the room to get some different perspectives.

Redesign Living Room-Chair and Pillow

I also played around with pillows and mixing fabrics.  I think the pillow looks so good in this chair, for now.  I think, maybe…possibly…I just might…try to upholster that chair!  It seems like a big task and I am still in the process of  asking myself if I really want to take that on BUT I just might!

Redesign Living Room- Sofa

I also tried the pillow on the sofa with the houndstooth pillows.  Not bad I don’t think.

Redesign Living Room-Mantel

I really did like the antlers sitting on the mantel.  I plan a facelift to the mantel as one of my Spring projects.  I’m a little excited about it.  I will of course share it with you all as soon as it happens!

Redesign Living Room- Leather Chair

This would be my honey’s favorite spot.  When he wanted a recliner I agreed only if I got to pick it out.  It was a great compromise.  I picked the style then he would give it the sit test.

Redesign Living Room-Striped Pillow

Then I realized the pillow had a different pattern on the back so I flipped it around to see how the stripes looked with the fabric on the chair. I think I liked the other side better.  What do you think?

Redesign Living Room-Side Table

The cute pink and red candy bowl is a $2.70 clearance item from Hobby Lobby.  I just flipped it upside down to make a pedestal for the greenery ball.

RedesignLiving Room-Dining

I know this isn’t the living room, it’s my dining room table but I had to put something there since I took away my holiday center piece.  I made the wooden piece with my Kregjig.  I love the texture it adds.  The topiary pieces I have had for EVER.  I’ve had them on the mantel, by the TV and the dining room table.

So now on to the next room…

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  1. You’ve done an amazing job! I thought it was only me who enjoy moving furniture from time to time and I’m really happy to see that I have a soul-mate. I admire your flair to decorating and all you’ve done look very cozy. You should consider doing it for living. Best regards.

  2. We bought it in Greenville, SC at Old Colony Furniture. The brand is Hancock & More. Thanks for asking about it.

  3. Question….where did you find your leather recliner? We are on the hunt for a new leather recliner for my husband. We have the same deal you did w/your hubby…he can have one but I get to pick it. Not a real recliner fan myself. Loved our old one but it now has a rip in the seat and the headrest is in terrible shape. I may try to recover it for the basement but I need a family room replacement. Thanks for sharing!

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