One Room Challenge Shed Makeover Reveal

Bedding Style blanket hanger

It’s DONE!! I have never painted so much in my entire life. If this is your very first time stopping by my blog, Hey there! I am so glad you are here. It’s One Room Challenge Shed Makeover Reveal day, so you picked a great day to visit.

To catch everyone up to speed let me do a little summary. I am joining in with Linda at Calling it Home and lots of other talented designers and bloggers. Over the past 6 weeks we have been hard at work for one room makeover. Each week we have been updating on the room progress and today is the big reveal day.

I’ve been torn as to what to call the shed now that it is isn’t really a traditional shed. The she shed is super trendy but my family said it’s not just mine although I totally plan on using the new serving area as a desk to work on my blog! My son said it’s still the shed but now it’s THE Shed! I’m happy with that.

I know you stopped by to see the makeover so let’s get to it! I am thrilled with the final results. How about a quick reminder of how it look before.

Cluttered Shed

then the second before…

One Room Challenge Shed Interior Before

and now…

ORC Shed Makeover Room Reveal

I kept the dart board where it was because it was already in the best location for safety reasons but I added a small table I found on clearance at Ross. It had a wood top that I painted. I used the basket for the darts and some extra games.

One Room Challenge Shed Makeover Game Center
Shed Makeover - Music and Games
Shed Makeover Game Center

The bench we added around the table is so awesome now. If we need more space we can always pull the table out for more seating. If you notice behind the bench (and the serving area) we added wood planking. We did it the same as we did in our kitchen for last years one room challenge makeover.


One Room Challenge Shed Eating Area Before


Farmhouse Light - Shed Makeover
DIY Bench Seating - Shed Makeover One Room Challenge

Here is a view without the table.

ORC Shed Makeover Bench Details

My vintage school chalkboard got a layer of antique wax to cover up the orange wood. The shutter, which was on my in laws house when they first built it years ago, I used to hide wires but it gave some added texture to the space as well.

Shed Makeover Wall Art - Vintage Chalkboard
Shed Makeover Farmhouse Wreath
Shed Makeover Farmhouse style wire basket
Farmhouse Style Basket - Shed Makeover
Shed Makeover bedding style blanket
Shed Makeover Serta Lounger Sofa
DIY TV console - One Room Challenge Shed Makeover

The serving area also got a new look. Now instead of a pop up table we have a real serving area. Ray built it like he did the benches. I added the bar stools to make the space work double duty. When not being used as a serving table it can be a desk. I’ve already utilized that feature.


One Room Challenge Shed Food Area Before


One Room Challenge Serving Shelf
Serving Area - Shed Makeover
Shelf Styling Shed Makeover Reveal

The two loft areas above will still be used for storage. So my sister helped me cover it up with drop cloth. This was her idea and it turned out great. I grabbed the cheaper drop cloths at Walmart because they aren’t stiff. They are more fabric like in feel.

Love the tent look it gives the space.

Shed Makeover Room Reveal
One Room Challenge Farmhouse Shed Makeover

I had planned to add plants to the deck but I didn’t get that part totally done yet. Ray needed to do some yard work so I decided to share the “porch” with you in a different post.

I would like to give a shout out to Bedding Style for sending me the awesome throw blankets. I worked with them on my bedroom makeover and they were super kind to give me the blankets for the shed makeover.

Thanks to my sister Joy for all of her help. She completed a ORC living room makeover last spring so she knows what it takes to get this done.

THANKS to my honey for the build projects. I had told him he wouldn’t have any work in this space…

This shed makeover has lots of projects that can work in any space. I will post tutorials and how to’s on the blog so you can all be inspired. I’d love to have you on my email list so when I have those ready I can get them to you right away.

See all of the SHED makeover progress here:

Project Post for the Shed Makeover:

UPDATE: One Room Challenge Backyard Makeover Spring 2018

I would love it if you would pin this photo to one of your favorite Pinterest boards. Thanks for helping me share my projects with the world.

Turning our real life mess into our Dream Shed
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  1. What a great bonus space! I love the crisp white paint. It looks so fresh and clean! Just fabulous!

  2. Oh you are so lucky! I have been wanting a she-shed for a couple of years. Someday dreams.

  3. It turned out so nice! You really had some vision for this space and I can imagine that it took A LOT of time. Good job!

    My first visit here. 🙂

  4. That is the pretties shed I’ve ever seen. You did a wonderful job with this space. Looks like a wonderful area to hang out with family and friends.

  5. EEK!!! This is so incredible! I have such shed envy now! I totally wish we lived on more than a postage stamp so I could have a shed and totally recreate everything you’ve done here. This is absolutely amazing! Wonder if the HOA would mind if I had a shed that took over the entire backyard. Hmmmm….. Congrats!

  6. Hard to believe this space started as a shed. You did an amazing job creating a lovely hangout! So fun!!

  7. This is the best compliment of all and exactly why I share on this blog! Good Luck to your son and his new adventure. ~Sonya

  8. It turned out so awesome! What a fun space! And that really must have been a LOT of painting! Great work!

  9. I love this! And I found it at just the right time. My son, recently graduated from college with a job and everything(!), has moved into his first apartment and I’ve had the hardest time coming up with inspiration for a young mans apartment that wasn’t too feminine. Your ideas here are just the inspiration I was looking for. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. This is such a creative use of space. I love that it leans slightly more masculine, but still feels fresh and bright with the dark leather sofas against the white walls. The throws are amazing- love the light fixtures and patterns of the textiles.

  11. DANG! I have only seen shed makeovers on HGTV and I am simply ah-mazed at what you just did. I need a shed now!

  12. What??!!! THE COOLEST SHED EVER! Great job Sonya, I am certain this is a favorite hang-out from now on! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!

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