Summer Guest Bloggers {Windgate Lane}

So excited to have Bee here today sharing with all of you!! She has some super, awesome projects and she is the sweetest girl ever!  I can’t wait to see her again next month in Atlanta at Haven!
Welcome my guest today, Bee!
Guest Blogger Windgate Lane
(DIY Bookshelves)

What a great way to start my day with a fun guest post here At Home With the Barkers!

About a year ago, I walked alone into my first blogging conference, sweating and slightly hyperventilating… but then I heard a word that made me feel right at home and I made a beeline for a group of women who were sure to understand me and my native tongue… the word I heard? Y’all!

Y’all…. I was so right! And smack dab in the middle of that group of lovely women was Sonya.

Hi y’all! My name is Bridget, but most call me Bee, and my blog is called Windgate Lane.

What a blessing it was to meet this lovely woman and her talented friends! I have been blogging for almost 3 years now and as a young mom to two crazy boys, I am surrounded by chaos and a house that has clean surfaces but you just might not be able to see them…

Windgate Lane was born out of my desire to share all of the crazy ideas in my head and also to learn to do more.  I have always loved taking on a challenge and that paired with my husband who, God Bless Him, wants to buy the milk that’s on sale to save a penny, created a passion in me to create what I wanted instead of buying it!  Now don’t get me wrong- I’m gonna tell ya when I give in and spend a dollar- but I’m also about the hunt of it all- and getting something that isn’t going to be on every shelf in my neighbors home.  While Homegoods and Target often get my business- it is usually the thrift store finds that fill my heart and home!

(Craigslist Hutch Redo)
(French Provincial Hutch Redo)

I love, love, love redoing furniture- it is my biggest passion.  And without fail, about 50% of the way through, I question why I love it and if it will look best in the garbage, but I always end up making it work because it is just paint after all!

One of my favorite posts this year was my Faux Card Catalog that I created from an Ikea shoe holder.  Yes, my husband thought I was insane and finally just told me to stop trying to explain the idea and just do it:) Blind faith is required in a DIY household… a lot.


Who doesn’t love a good before and after shot?! And these two (just to prove I don’t just do gray furniture;)  were so much fun for me- I love doing a great accent piece! And clearly the hot pink number wasn’t for me or my two boys;)

Thanks again Sonya for sharing your beautiful space with me today!



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