Summer Sunflower Wreath

Here in the south, outdoor living means lots of cook outs!

Whether you’re having hot dogs, hamburgers, or low country boil a southern party always starts with a front door greeting!

Summer Sunflower Wreath-DIY

Summer Sunflower Wreath

SO you better make sure that front door is welcoming.

Today, along with some of my southern blogging friends, I’m sharing a summer sunflower wreath and some new porch lanterns.

We are continuing our fun series: “Oh My Word, would you look at that… Outdoor Living”

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I love making wreaths, which I am sure you are aware!  This one is some what different from all of the one’s I’ve made in the past BUT I love it!  Since I already had the wreath, wire, yellow dot grosgrain ribbon, and burlap ribbon this was a bonus.  I purchased fake sunflowers and greenery.

Wreath Making Supplies:

If you don’t have time to create your own wreath or you need more wreath inspiration, check out this curated selection of front door wreaths that I’ve found for you. 

Summer Sunflower Wreath-Supplies

I wrapped the burlap ribbon first around the entire surface.  Next added the yellow dot only on about 1/4th of the wreath. I held the burlap and ribbon in place with basic ball head sewing pins.

Summer Sunflower Wreath-Burlap and Polka Dot Ribbon

Next I wrapped the wire around the bottom one time making sure to stay lined up center with the yellow dot ribbon. By adding the wire this way I was able to cut the stems and slide them under the wire.  This way it’s not permanent and I can re use the wreath.

I cut the stem length depending on how far out from under the wire I needed them to stick out.  For the sunflowers up closer to the center, those stems are short.

Summer Sunflower Wreath-layering the greenery

Keep layering based on how full you want your sunflower wreath to be.

Summer Sunflower Wreath-Layering Greenery and Sunflowers

I hung the wreath onto an over the door wreath holder with raffia ribbon.

Summer Sunflower Wreath-Front Door Entrance

We also updated our porch lights and to say I am thrilled us an understatement!  I was at Lowe’s on Saturday with my husband getting wire for another project and saw these by accident.

The best part is that they match the lights on my stone patio that we built 2 years ago!  I bought three, 2 smaller one’s for the front and one larger one for the deck.

Summer Sunflower Wreath-Porch Lantern

Totally worth the update!!

Summer Sunflower Wreath-Lantern Lights

In case you were curious….

Summer Sunflower Wreath-Porch Lantern before and after

As you can see, I have a small porch.  No place for rocking chairs or other decor but I still think it’s just as important to make it welcoming.  On the bright side, it doesn’t cost me very much money!

Summer Sunflower Wreath-Summer Porch

Here is another one of my most popular wreaths on Pinterest!

Natural Spring Wreath

Natural Spring Wreath


If you don’t have time to create your own wreath or you need more wreath inspiration, check out this curated selection of front door wreaths that I’ve found for you. 

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment. After doing projects so many times I forget that others may not know all of the details. I have updated the post to include the answers to all of your questions. ~Sonya

  2. I love the summer sunflower wreath. As I have never made a wreath before (had to start sometimes), my questions are elementary I feel certain, so please forgive me.
    1. What to you use to hold burlap and ribbon in place?
    2. How much wire to you need? Is it just around the wreath once to put flowers in?
    3. What is that you used on top to make the holder?
    Thanks so much for your help!
    Shirley Toon

  3. I love your wreath and the new light. The yellow polka dot ribbon and the sunflowers are the perfect Summer welcome.

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