Summer Through Instagram

So many exciting things are happening

and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

BUT first I have to finish out the last week of summer with my kids before school starts next Monday.

It’s been a rainy and humid summer here in South Carolina but we have enjoyed every minute of it!

We took our traditional beach trip to Garden City, SC.  Then there was swimming at my sister’s house, baking cookies, watching TV, a spontaneous trip to Charleston, baking cookies, summer camps, homemade ice cream, bumps and bruises, baking cookies,  summer school, family dinners, and fishing. Oh yeah, and we baked cookies!

AND I am proud to say my son completed summer virtual school English 2 Honors with a 96 average.  He chose to take this class, it wasn’t required.  It’s a long story about why he wasn’t in honors English in 9th grade and I won’t go into it but just remember parents, follow your gut, the school doesn’t always have the best plan of action. 🙂

So, here is our Summer through Instagram!

Beach 2013


Homemade-ice cream

Warning…blood pics!

My son got a new long board and well, had a little accident.


She loves being with here Daddy!


Like I said…we baked cookies!

chocolate chip cookies

I can say, I am now ready for Fall weather and college football!

How was your Summer? Did you do anything different this year?



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  1. Just found your blog. I looked for a contact button, but didn’t see one. I would like to know the name/brand of the previous gold color you had in your family room. Will you email me, instead of posting here?

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