The Mantel

Family Room Mantle

Have you ever sat in your Family Room, looked at the mantel and thought…

I wonder what it would look like IF

I painted it Green or Grey or Red or Whitish, again???

Well, I have!

When we bought our home the mantel was painted the same as all the trim in our house.

Semi Gloss whitish….

But over the course of 5 years there has been an evolution of the mantle.

The Mantel Painted Green

Family Room Mantel Gray


Family Room Mantel Red


Family Room Mantel White

I must say, the red, although I liked it, it only lasted 2 days 🙂

I was getting ready to decorate for Christmas so I think I was taking it a bit too far!

So for now, with the grey walls and the light colored mantel, I am happy.

It looks and feels clean and crisp.

You might like to check out the Family Room Before post, to see the grey mantel with the gold walls.

AND the current Family Room Tour for the mantel’s most recent look.

Have you ever painted your mantel?

What did you think of mine?

I’d love to hear your favorite.

If you have any questions about the colors just ask.





  1. I love the transformation paint can do! BUT if I were to change my mantel every season, my husband may lose his mind! 🙂
    thanks for stopping by Becca! By the way, love your foyer updates!

  2. I love that you’ll paint your mantel for the season … the red would’ve been perfect for the holidays! So great how paint can create a whole new atmosphere with the swipe of your brush!

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