Valentine’s Day Decor

I have a confession…

I have never decorated for Valentine’s Day…EVER!

Didn’t even own any Valentine’s Day Decor,

that is, until NOW!

Valentine's Day Decor



A few items purchased from Hobby Lobby

and other items from around our house


AND one .50 cent thrift store redo!


I know you see these art pieces all over thrift stores, Right?

Well look what a little paint,

some spray adhesive,

scrap book paper,

a key,

a paper heart

and a wedding photo can do!

Make some thing old, new again!

My very own, personal, Valentine’s Day Decor.


AND I’m in LOVE…

with the handsome man who holds the key to my , of course!

Do you guys decorate for Valentine’s Day??

Tell me I’m not the only first timer…Am I?

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  1. Hey Christy…Do you notice how your picture isn’t showing up beside your comment?? This is what happens to me when I comment on others pages. Just thought I would mention it since we were just talking about this 🙂

  2. Congrats on your new blog! You’re off to a great start! I love finding bloggers live in the same area. I’ll be seeing you at the Haven Conference!

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