Why I Run

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Taking time out of my day to do something for a healthier me has always been something that I avoided. Not because I hated it, but because I never really needed it. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing healthy things with food and exercise, but NEVER with any consistency.

Spoiler ALERT for you girls in your twenties…the older you get, the harder this becomes. I’m one of those women you may hate because I have great genetics. The only time I struggled with my weight was after having children and then it didn’t really stick around. I did have the right attitude about it though and I knew tweaking a few meals, taking some supplements, and playing with the kids would get me back to where I wanted.

That was until I turned 40…four years ago! I hit that wall hard and gained 10 pounds that will not really go away.

Me Time- Running

This summer I decided it was time for ME! I have two active teens and my daughter is a runner, a long distance runner to be exact. She’s my inspiration. My husband and I started 8 weeks ago to train for a 5K. For the non-runners, that is 3.1 miles and to me that is a long way! I never thought I would like running and at first I didn’t. It’s mind over matter some days, but I am happy to say it is going great. I have really come to love the time I have when I am all alone running.

Why I run

Why I run- Fiber One

Why I run-Fiber One Streusel

After getting myself a new pair of shoes for my run and some yummy Fiber One® Streusel bars for my after run snack, I am good to go. I’d love to hear your running story, whether it be something you have done for years, you are new to it, or still have the dream in your head. I’ve shared why I run; I’d love to hear why you run.

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  1. Oh my goodness Karen, you are rocking it! I will pray for your run Sunday. Your daughters should be proud and so should you. Thanks for your support here on the blog. ~Sonya

  2. Oh my goodness Sonya, I think we are twins! I never ran either When I hit my 40’s I also gained 10 unwanted pounds that I just plain could not get rid of and still can’t, I will be 48 next week! I started to run and I couldn’t even run a mile. I have improved over the years and run off and on, but last spring got really motivated and my husband, my 20 and 16 year old girls and I ran a 5k. I am very slow compared to others, but I completed it. My girls motivate me to stay fit. I have a daughter who plays softball in college and another who is an avid golfer. I actually have a 22 year old as well and she works out all of the time, so they really encourage me to stay fit. So, guess what, I have only run 1 5k and now this weekend I will be running my first half marathon! I am nervous and excited. I have been on a program for the last few months and have worked my way up to 10 miles! No, I don’t run the whole thing, but I run a lot and walk some and I never thought I would be doing this, but this Sunday I will be out there getting it done! Oh, and yes, I love those fiber one bars, buy them in a huge box at Costco! If anyone is looking for a great running plan, the nike app is free and it tracks how far you run, how fast you run etc. You can also set a pre-programmed work out for training for 5k, 10k or half marathons, it is really awesome for the beginning runners all the way up to advanced runners. There is also a website Hal Higgdon who is a runner set up to train for races, it breaks down how much you should run each day to prepare for races, both are really awesome tools and without them I would not have had a game plan for this race I am doing this weekend! So ladies, send prayers my way that I make it through! Check out the website for the race, it is called City to the Sea and the views should be awesome, finishing up at the beach! It is a fundraiser for one of our local community colleges, so nice that my entry fee also goes to a good cause!

    After the race, have to get back to updating my house. Have my fall decorations out, but I still am planning on getting my room Painted like your master bedroom makeover, headboard and all, it is so cute!

    Good luck with your running Sonya! Thanks for always motivating us with your great ideas, I really enjoy the website.

  3. I did for a while,then walked,now i am in my 60’s and i exercise 3-5 times a week. I do know that i am a healthier person for my age because when i was younger i did those things plus ate properly.What you do now affects how you will do as you age. Have a great run and have fun.

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