Wood Plank Mantel Makeover

Have you ever wanted a mantel makeover but unsure it’s possible with a small budget and little time? This tutorial shows how it’s not only possible but will make a major impact to your fireplace.

I have been wanting to do a wood plank mantel makeover for a while.  I have always felt it would really change the focal point in my living room.  It was so easy, I should have done it sooner. Whether to call this shiplap, faux shiplap, paneling, or wood planks was the hardest part of this project.

Start with the V-Groove Panel wood boards.  They come 6 pieces to a pack and cost just under $15 each.  I purchased 3 but only ended up needing 2 of them. Be sure to mark the studs above the mantel.  This will make hanging the boards much faster once the nailing begins.

Wood Plank Mantel Makeover by At Home with The Barkers #woodplanks #diy #mantel

Wood Plank Mantel Makeover by At Home with The Barkers #woodplanks #diy #mantel

Once the studs were marked we headed out to workshop to cut the boards.  We have an awesome “shed” that my husband built.  It is really big and holds all of his woodworking tools.  It could use some organizing but it is a great building.  As soon as the weather stays warm we will be painting the outside of the shed.

Shed Update…You will not believe how it looks now!! It got a major makeover. Our work shed became our family shed.

Wood Plank Mantel Makeover by At Home with The Barkers #woodplanks #diy #mantel

Once all of the boards were cut my husband hung them with our favorite nail gun.  They went up really easy and fast.  This part of the project was completed in no time, it was the painting that took me a while!  I changed my mind a couple of times.

If you do not have access to the mail gun these V-Groove boards are so thin you could nail them in with a hammer and small nails. We do lots of projects so we have the nail gun on hand.

The reason I ended up using only 2 packs of the wood planks was because I decided to add 1×4 on the ends for the trim instead of  the V-Groove boards.  It really helped give depth to the wood plank. These boards were very thin but they were exactly what I needed because my mantel is also thin from the side view.

Wood Plank Mantel Makeover by At Home with The Barkers #woodplanks #diy #mantel

Wood Plank Mantel Makeover by At Home with The Barkers #woodplanks #diy #mantel

As you can see, my shiplap mantel makeover turned out beautifully!  I mean, seriously better than I had expected!  I love it so much.  To paint the faux wood planks I ended up making my own DIY chalk-like paint for this project. You can find that tutorial HERE. BUT that didn’t last. Keep reading to see more color changes.

I didn’t hang the canvas art just yet as I am trying to decide if it is what I want to keep up there.  The colors do look really great, though.

Wood Plank Mantel Makeover by At Home with The Barkers #woodplanks #diy #mantel

Wood Plank Mantel Makeover by At Home with The Barkers #woodplanks #diy #mantel

Since we hung the V-groove boards the mantel has gotten another huge makeover! We created a hearth this time as well. See that full tutorial HERE.

AND the new paint color HERE.


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  1. Just came across your post and was hoping you could tell me where you purchased the v-groove planking packs. I can’t seem to find anything similar. Thanks!

  2. This is gorgeous! We’re building a house and got a quote of 1900-2800 to do this…..any other helpful tips to do this on our own?

  3. Just beginning to browse around Pinterest and I’m loving it. I’m trying to figure out the simplest, user friendly recipe for chalk paint. I ran upon your fireplace/mantel project (looking for a chalk paint recipe) and fell in love with it. My husband has very little patience with home projects so this will be a challenge but one I think we will have to attempt together! I noticed this post was early last year so I’m hoping you get this and can advise if the chalk paint recipe is still the same. Also, when doing a project and all the chalk paint you prepared is not used, can the remainder be covered and reused. I look forward to tackling a small project and then going on to my fireplace/mantel project. Also, the color you chose is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Looks fantastic … awesome paint choice, too! And, the way you styled it is beautiful! Great job!

  5. Love it! Great job-Really makes the fireplace stand out now-

  6. Beautiful! You guys did a great job!

    Can I ask where you got that painting?! It would look perfect in my foyer!

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