31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink

Quick under the bathroom sink organize can make getting ready so much easier.

31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink

Day 18: Under the Bathroom Sink

If you are like me you have lots of stuff under the bathroom sink that you don’t even remember is there!

Shampoo you tried but didn’t like, 3 types of hair color, 14 bottles of lotions and tons of samples!

Ok, maybe it’s just me with the hair color… 🙂

31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink Before
31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink Makeup

But after cleaning out from under here, I ended up with a bag of trash and 2 empty containers!

31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink Trash

AND it feels good!

I did pick up the small drawer organizer from Walmart to put my makeup, brushes and razors in.

31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink Organization

The basket on the right I use for my female products.  It was still working so I just cleaned it out and kept it.

Now I have only what I still use under my sink.

31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink After

Have you cleaned under your bathroom sink lately?

Find anything that made you say, why in the world do I still have this?


  1. I was just yesterday contemplating the master bath, as an entire ‘project’ in my Spring Cleaning quest which I just started on Monday (now Friday). Being me – I knew I would have to start small – tackle a portion at a time – otherwise I get overwhelmed and block out the need for it! Funny thing, my mind focused on underneath the sink (which I have blocked out for months, now) and today I find your blog! I was led here, no other explanation! Chuckle,, chuckle. Your initial accumulation was nothing compared to what lies in store for me — oh, ugh! But, since I am not alone — I will go forth in there right now…. and tackle one side of it — that’s the way I do things… one section at a time — may take me four days, but I have your accomplishment to fall back on! Thanks….. Enjoyed your info and ideas!

  2. love the idea of a basket for feminine products. And the underneath of my sink is on my 31 days to finished list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Don’t you love organizing and getting things in order? I am already looking forward to a snow day so that I can have some unexpected free time to do exactly that.

  4. It’s hard to tell from the picture exactly what I have under there now but I really did get rid of lots of that stuff. Still under there are things like alcohol, peroxide, and other items that I really needed to keep. I do believe we all keep way more that we actually need and could live off much less. My suggestion is to sit things aside and if you don’t use them for 6 months, then toss them! Goo Luck ~Sonya

  5. Since I moved recently, I also got rid of a lot of unused products, but now I have to figure out new storage for new spaces. But what amazes me is that, even after getting rid of lots of things, I, like you, still have sooo much stuff!. I’m rethinking not just what I use, but what I actually need and carefully considering if I have to have a product or I’ve just been sold on it. Can I do without, use a common household item in it’s place or find a product that does double duty? Any suggestions?

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