Back to School Sharpie Teacher Gift

Back to School Sharpie Teacer Gift Idea

Back to School Sharpie Teacher Gift

I love to give gifts, especially thoughtful and useful gifts! Teachers of any grade will love this one…because who doesn’t LOVE Sharpie markers?!

Although my kids are older and both will be in high school this year I still love sharing ideas for families with kids of all ages.  SO this project is for all of those eager Moms out there who want to welcome their child’s teacher to a new school year but not spend tons of time and money doing it.

Of course, your child will have the Sharpiest Teacher in the school and this little gift will be the perfect way to say so!

This one is as easy as stopping by your local Staples, like I did to pick up some Sharpie markers! The Sharpie Fine, Ultra Fine and highlighters are also on sale this week, while supplies last.

Staples is a one stop shop for all of your Sharpie needs!

Back To School Sharpie Teacher Gift-Sharpie Sets

I picked up the memory photo display from the craft section at Walmart.

Back to School Sharpie Teacher Gift Supplies

I chose to use our school colors, blue and gold, for this project.  I had this yellow spray paint at home already.  I took my little wooden box out into the back yard and sprayed it.  It took a couple of coats.  Then I rummaged through my scrapbook supplies for some matching papers.

Back to School Teacher Gift-Blue and Gold

Then for fun, I used the Sharpie Ultra Fine markers and wrote a note for the teacher…

“I have the Sharpiest Teacher at School”

The paper and note were then added where family photos usually go.  I added the Sharpie Markers to a mason jar to sit inside of the box.  This allows me to keep the Sharpie’s all together while being able to add other desk items like scissors and a ruler to the box.  Just a neat way to keep it all looking organized.

Back to School Sharpie Teacher Gift Idea
Back to School Sharpie Teacher Gift Organization
Back to School Sharpie Teacher Gift

For all of my friends out there whose kids have already started school I hope it’s been smooth sailing!

For the rest of us, let’s enjoy every moment before the school bell rings.

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  1. WHat a cool Mom you are Sonya! Love this – such a great idea!! We love Sharpies in our house!

  2. I love the fine point! Great idea with the Sharpie on the letters then spraying to protect it. Thanks so much for sharing. ~Sonya

  3. This is an adorable gift for a teacher and it’s something that would be useful and so much appreciated.

    Our kids start back Monday. After two days being back at work, I’m wishing I were back on vacation! Hope your kiddos have a great year!

  4. Wow what a nice Mom you are. Love that memory block, very versatile, will have to look for one of those, put grand kids photos in. Mostly I print photos off their Facebook pages as otherwise we don’t seem to get any photos of them, 6 grand kids.
    Love those sharpie markers, They last well and don’t seem to go dry so quickly. I bought a set of 24 for $9.99 couple weeks ago at Office Depot. We don’t have Staples here. I got the fine point, hope that is what I wanted. I use markers to fill in letters on wood signs. My hands and eyes don’t work as well so don’t want to ruin my signs with sloppy attempts at painting the letters. When they dry I spray with a fixative.
    Happy week

  5. LURVE me some sharpies! They write so well and since I’m the teacher around here I think I shall go buy myself a few new ones. 😉 Such a GREAT gift idea Sonya! ~Beth

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