Senior Photos for Girls

When I first started thinking about senior photos for my daughter I knew I would hire a photographer. I had taken my son’s pictures myself but I knew that would not fly with her. She had looked forward to this for her entire High School years. My son, on the other hand, was super busy and it was almost impossible to plan a date with a photographer.

These are my TOP tips for getting the senior photos you have always dreamed of! PLUS links to super cute clothes and the best professional grade makeup.

Senior Photos for Girls

How to get the senior photos you dreamed of

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Senior Photos for Girls

Choose the right photographer for you!

  • Look over their portfolio.
  • Ask them for specific links to senior galleries.
  • Make sure the photos don’t look over edited.
  • Ask where they plan to take your photos, inside or outside, especially if you have a preference.
  • Make sure the style/mood you are looking for is found in this photographers work!
  • Make sure you know the total cost.
  • Ask how many outfit changes will that cost include.

Photographers tend to shoot in the same locations because they know the lighting and details for the perfect shot. If you choose a photographer solely based on price then you may be disappointed. I’m not saying expensive is better because I thought ours was a great price. I am saying don’t expect a “cheaper” photographer to do the work of a professional.

Our photographer, Amber, is one of the sweetest, most Godly woman I know. We met a couple of years ago through blogging. She is not only a talented photographer, she has the most adorable house, and she creates the best outfits from thrift stores. I am so glad to call her my friend. If you are in the Anderson, SC area be sure to check her out at Sugar Snap Photography or on Facebook.

How to get the Senior Photos you dreamed of
How to get the Senior Photos you dreamed of

Choose the right outfits.

  • Keep your personality in mind. If you like dressy, go dressy. If you like casual, stay casual.
  • Be modest, fun, and classic.
  • Choose colors that flatter your face, skin and hair.
  • Consider the location for outfit color choices and styles.
  • Add in your school colors.
  • Add in your sport or other extracurricular.
  • Simple is best. You want to be the star of the photo not your clothes.

My daughter knew she had 3 outfit choices. She also brought here running flats and senior shirt just in case we could fit in a few extra photos with those. We knew, from talking with the photographer that the background would be industrial and rustic. That is why we wanted to keep the outfits more feminine and flirty. The contrast plays well. If you try and match the style of your background your photos will seem like you are trying to hard.

The bright blue shirt is the school color we went decided to choose. Our school colors are blue and yellow gold. Blue was a better option than the bold yellow for Sarah Beth. My girl loves her jewelry but we decided that by not wearing a necklace, with the blue top, there would be no distraction to her face.

***GET THE LOOK…Links at bottom of this post! 

How to get the Senior Photos you dreamed of
How to get the Senior Photos you dreamed of

Choose the right makeup.

  • Wear more than you think so you don’t look washed out in photos BUT stay as close to your natural glow as possible.
  • Choose colors that will go with all of the outfit changes.
  • Choose top quality products.
How to get the Senior Photos you dreamed of
How to get the Senior Photos you dreamed of

GET THE LOOK Senior Photo Outfits:

Senior photos are a way to capture such a special time in your child’s life. Don’t stress or your daughter will feel it. Relaxation during the photo shoot is important. You have spent time to choose the right photographer from my tips above so relax and allow them to do the best job the can.

Sharing today with my blogging friend today, Christy from Our Southern Home. Go check out her beautiful floral dress.

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