5 Best Tips for Amazon Shopping

Are you ever frustrated trying to find the perfect item to buy on Amazon? It can get tricky to shop there because they have so many items. Check out my 5 best tips for Amazon shopping to make to most of your time and money.

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Best Amazon Home Finds: Updated Daily

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We are an online shopping family! It saves us time and money and makes my life so much easier to have packages show up on our door step. Our #1 place to shop online is Amazon. We have become quite savvy with our skills so I thought it may be helpful to you if I share our Best Tips for shopping on Amazon.

Best Tips to shop Amazon

I’m frequently adding items to my shop when we purchase new things and when I find good deals in both home and fashion. Click over to my personal shop anytime to see what I am loving. I have broken the shop into easy to follow categories!!

As an influencer for Amazon I have curated a shop with items I have purchased, as well as great finds I think you will love. Click any category below and check out what I have curated for you.

1. Purchase Amazon Prime

Start here with your Amazon Prime Free Trial! Purchasing the Amazon Prime membership is a must. The Prime membership is a yearly subscription but totally worth it once you start using all of the benefits.

The 2 day free shipping on any prime item regardless of price is worth it alone. Other benefits included in the membership are unlimited streaming to tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes, ad-free music, and much more. You can try it out for 30 day free trial if you aren’t certain but I will say, it is completely worth the fee if you shop online. Be sure to turn on the Prime filter and shop

2. Buy often used household supplies

One thing I love the most about Amazon Prime is the ability to buy so many different things in one place. Things like my favorite hardwood floor cleaner to cosmetic supplies. Both of our kids are in college and we were able to find the best deals for his textbooks. Have you priced text books in a college bookstore lately? WOWZA! We were able to rent a couple of very expensive text books from Amazon for around $25 dollars instead of the $100 plus new book price tag. Plus we bought 2 others, one of which cost $120 at the bookstore and we paid $80 through Amazon. Shipped to his apartment in 2 days.

3. Read the Reviews

The product reviews are there to give you an idea of other buyers experience when purchasing that product. I look for at least a 4 out of 5 as well as lots of reviews. If a product scores a 4 and has thousands of reviews then you should expect to be satisfied with that purchase. If you click the reviews you can actually read what others had to say. Some people give a 3 or 4 review because the color wasn’t exactly what they thought. They may be very important to you or not really so reading through a handful should give you a good idea of the response.

Searching for an item can be done easily in the search bar if you type in an item. I have found that if I am looking for a very specific product I can go to the store website that sells that item then copy and paste the product name from there.

You may be wondering why go to all of the trouble. Almost always if Amazon sells the item it is at a cheaper price plus I can get 2 day shipping while never having to leave home. BUT note, if you are just looking around and not searching for anyone thing specific, Amazon isn’t the easiest to navigate. There is so many options and categories to search through. Try using the search filters and search for top rated products. This will give the best of the best first!

Amazon Shop – Curated personally by Sonya

5. Great Gift Idea

Purchasing Amazon Prime for a gift is a great idea. Think parents, couples wedding gift, grown children, twenty somethings, etc. Of course, make sure they don’t already have a subscription. If they do you can offer to pay and have it extended for a year. We have used Prime many times for our college kids. They can order or we can have it shipped directly to them. PLUS we rent books there too!!

Happy Shopping and Saving, 

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