Kitchen Makeover Part 1 {the paint}

I’ve been wanting to do something a little different in my kitchen for a while but couldn’t really decide.  I had bought the paint months ago yet I wasn’t sure if it was the right color.  I mean, I had painted it in over half of my house now, would it look right in my kitchen too? But then I saw Beth’s kitchen at Unskinny Boppy and I KNEW I had picked the right color!

SO, here is my newly painted kitchen, in Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey.

Kitchen Makeover New Paint

I used that ladder to cut in where you see in this picture then did the rest with a super tall ladder all by myself.  My husband was out of town so I had my daughter be my spotter…scary few moments but once I start a paint project I finish that day if possible.   Plus my husband HATES painting so I rarely never ask him to help.

Kitchen Makeover During Paint

The new color made the cabinets looks new again and brightened the room so much.  I LOVE IT!  Here is a close up showing the old color and the new color.

Kitchen Makeove Hopsack and Mindful Grey

Kitchen Makeover Full cabinet

Kitchen Makeover Tile view

Kitchen Makeover Room view

There are a few changes other than the paint that you may have noticed if you had already taken my kitchen tour.  I took down the window treatment and removed a layer of fabric from the chairs (they have been recovered a few times!) I’m liking what was underneath the black swirl fabric.  I’ll focus more on those things and the finishing touches in Part 2 of the Makeover coming very soon.

SO one quick look at Before…

Kitchen Tour

And After…

Kitchen Makeover New Paint

Have you updated a room with paint lately?  I’d love to hear about it.




  1. Wow this looks great! Where did you get that chandelier over the table? I have been on the look out for something to match my other lights.

  2. I love your wall color. What color did you paint your kitchen cabinets? I’ve been looking for a color like yours. Please let me know! I have maple cabinets, love them, but I’m more of a painted cabinets girl. I’ve lived with them for ten years but it’s time for a change. Thanks for your help

  3. Sonya, your kitchen looks SO good! And I’m impressed you got up there and did the high ceilings. One of my biggest fears is heights, so my stomach turns just thinking about you all the way up there! The Mindful Gray looks great and I’d love to feature this on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you’re interested!

  4. Love the new color Sonya! It’s so fresh and crisp looking. 🙂 And YES, I have painted every single room in our home um…at least 4 times each since we moved in a little over 9 yrs ago. My husband does not even flinch now when I say I’m changing paint colors! 😉 (and no, he does not touch the paint!)


  5. Sonya! This looks amazing! What an amazing transformation, and I am super impressed that you got on the ladder and did that tall ceiling all by yourself. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of bright, light paint can do for a room. Your kitchen looks outstanding! Thanks so much for the mention! I’m glad I inspired you! 🙂 Scheduling this post to be shared on my facebook page for later today!

  6. Love that gray, so clean and serene looking. It does make your cabinets look like new again, Love your light over your table.
    I too prefer to do my own painting to avoid a lot of negativity from hubs. One time in KY I got a wild hair to paint the living room. Didn’t want to have to go into town to get paint cause I knew by time I got back I’d be out of the mood. My son had left about 3/4 gal. of white semi-gloss paint so I went into my studio to see what color I had I’d want to have the l/r. Ok it’ll be a soft tan. I found every brown bottle of acrylic paint and poured it into the semi gloss white til I got the color I wanted.
    Couldn’t find the painting trays, rollers so I used one of those flat tools that’s used to go around windows. Used that to paint whole living room, and it was a big room but I was determined. I started about 11 a.m., I guess by time I got every thing ready and moved. Took me til about 7 that night but I got it done and I loved it. Had to paint around 4 big windows on front wall of l/r. I had to stop a few times to rest, have lunch and supper, move furniture. We had high ceilings so that took me longer. I was sick of living with white everywhere. When we bought the house from oldest son after he remodeled it, etc. I asked him to paint different colors but he said no if I wanted that I’d have to do it later, he wanted to get the house done, he had other jobs he needed to get to. Ah well, did get it done and was quite happy with it. He just chuckled when I told him what I’d done.
    Your home is very nice, love how you have it decorated, your kitchen is so nice. Happy days

  7. Thank you so much! My kitchen has been one of my last rooms to paint…still need the master bedroom done! I love the change that paint fives a room.

  8. Love it! We have re-done every room in our house except 2 including the kitchen. Yours is beautiful!

  9. Very classy! This tones down the similar colors of your floor, table top and walls. In my opinion the paint brings the room up to a higher level! I cannot wait to see what else you do with the rooms.

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