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My Kitchen…

Although I have been in the mood to do a mini makeover on my kitchen I wanted to give you a kitchen tour of how it is now.

So get ready for picture overload 🙂

Wait…before we get started, I thought you should know,

my awesome husband did the tile work! (I assisted)

Oh, and I painted and glazed the cabinets. (He did not assist, he hates painting)

Kithcen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

One of the changes I would like to make will be to stain the table top darker 🙂

Kitchen Tour

My kitchen has a view into the family room but is not an open floor plan…something I have actually enjoyed!  We had the open concept in our previous house and I like that this one is a separate room.

Kitchen Tour

These floors really need to be refinished but because of the Quick Shine product I used on them they are looking really good.  You can read about How to get your floors to shine here.

Kitchen Tour

The cabinets started out white and I painted them an antique white then added the glaze.

For fun, here is what they looked like when we bought our house…

Kitchen Tour Before

Kithcen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

This lazy susan was an Ikea purchase.  I just spray painted it black and distressed it! It is a great piece to use for parties.  You can put condiments on it and it spins so you can reach everything.

Kitchen Tour

This little box was a yard sale find.  Spray paint once again and distressing brought it back to life.

Perfect for our electronics!

Kitchen Tour

We have a beautiful view out into our back yard. One of my MOST favorite spots in the house.

If you follow me on Instagram, which you totally should, you will see me post lots of pics sitting here while I work!

Kitchen Tour

AND if you have read my About The Barkers page you will know why I love this sign 🙂

Kitchen Tour

The kitchen really is the heart of the home!

I thank you for stopping by and spending some time At Home with The Barkers!

***The kitchen has a new paint color, you can check it out here.

***More details on my painted Cabinets here.



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  1. The backsplash is tumbled stone. You should be able to find color options online by using google to see where it is sold close to you. Ours is a mix of colors in the pattern behind the sink.

  2. I feel like I’ve arrived at your blog a little late. I also have a glaze on my cabinets, but unlike you, I hate it. However, after seeing your blog…maybe I hate it because of the beige next to it. I’ll be buying some mindful gray this week! Also, what color did you decide on your kitchen chairs? I loved the middle fabric.

  3. I am so happy I have inspired you!! Thanks for leaving me this comment, I appreciate it so much! Good luck in your new home and with YOUR white kitchen!! ~Sonya

  4. I’m so glad that you posted your kitchen tour! I found your post by searching white kitchens on Pinterest. I recently purchased a home with 1980s Oak cabinets, grey tile and countertops, beige walls, and all black appliances. Its so dark and dreary that I hate even going in there! I had to move from the home that I thought was my forever home due to divorce. It was our dream home and we lived there 25 years. Even back then when we built it I always wanted a white kitchen but my husband said no way! Now that I have my own home I can make it look they way I want. One major problem- after having to purchase an expensive black refrigerator for my house that came with brand new black appliances, there is no way I can think of replacing them. Your post shows me that I can achieve the look that I want after all.

  5. I just stumbled across your site on pinterest and just noticed the fabric on your chairs is the exact same that i picked tonight! 🙂 do you have a tutorial on how to change the fabric on the chairs? Thank you!

  6. Hey Sonya! I have a new construction home. My painters put the coats on the cabinets and won’t be back until punch out. I really want to glaze my cabinets (have in my trailer before now) but of course a bit nervous after plunking out thousands. My question is this: did you wipe glaze all over cabinet door and then wipe off what you didn’t want and left what you did? I was looking at your pictures and needed to see you in action lol. I like how the cabinets still look white and didn’t take on the glaze color so much but only in the cracks. Thank you!!

  7. Thanks for reply! I’ll bet it was Lowe’s. They still carry some chandeliers with leaves, but not this pendant. I appreciate your bio and your status a Christ follower. Keep blogging and pinning!

  8. It has been years but I bought that one at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Sorry it’s been 7 years… BUT just think outside of the box. This was “meant” to be a foyer light but I bought it for the kitchen. Good luck on your hunt!

  9. Hi! I have been on an unfruitful hunt for a chandelier. I love the one over your kitchen table! You may have already been asked, but can you say where you purchased that beautiful, leafy light?

  10. You have a wonderful way with distressing furniture and I truly enjoyed seeing your family room and kitchen projects. That TV console (bedroom dresser!) was a real find in your hands.

  11. I love your light fixture that your used in the dining room. Do you mind sharing where you purchased it?

  12. Thanks for the info on your wall paint here………what color is the paint, and what sheen is it? Please! Thanks!

  13. Thank you for this post! We are getting ready to do the same with our cabinets. What color paint is on your kitchen walls? I love that color!

  14. I love your kitchen! We are buying a home and redoing the kitchen and were curious what your countertops are and the color.

  15. No, I did not use the same trim color for my cabinets. I look at my cabinets like a piece of furniture not like they are part of my wall or trim. Don’t let the trim dictate the cabinet color! Good Luck!

  16. I love your kitchen! I have the same tumble stone back splash, and the same floor. My cabinets were ‘white washed’ 14 years ago. The varnish has yellowed, and no longer look white. I am wanting to paint them. I have read that I should paint the cabinets the same color as my trim, which is SW1907 Collector’s white. I think that might be more white than I want. My question is, did you use your trim color as your kitchen cabinet color? If not, do you feel they ‘blend’ well enough? Thank you!

  17. This looks great! It’s so cozy and inviting! You did a great job, and I love the all black appliances! We just did our kitchen in all black appliances and got rid of the stainless steel-teen boys run wild in my house 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for responding! Your lucky – we have that horrible 90’s plastic laminate. I am trying to fugure out how to glaze them (not an easy task, lol). Your blog has given me some idea on how I can do it. Thanks so much, and keep on blogging!

  19. I love your whole house but the kitchen is my favorite! I have been wanting to glaze my cabinets but they are white laminate. They look exactly like your before pics, are yours laminate also?

  20. Your cabinets look great Sonya, the glaze adds such a nice touch. Gorgeous view out to the back, I can see why it’s your favorite spot…

  21. What kind of paint & brand did you use on the cabinets can you give step by step instructions?

  22. I have had it so many years, I don’t know the specific name. Mine does not have pinkish tones, they are shades of beige.

  23. I was wondering what that color was in the kitchen backsplash. The tumbled stone from Atlanta store. I have same stone and cant find the color here. Does it have a pinkish tone? Mine does. Only seeing browns and beiges in the stores.

  24. Thanks, a taupe is kind of what I was thinking too. Do you know if you can mix the Hobby Lobby acrylic paints with glaze. Have you ever done that? Their Ivory White is the color I am going for.

  25. You can custom make your glaze color by taking clear glaze and adding it to any latex paint color of your choice. All the glaze does is extend the working time of the paint so that you can achieve the look you are going for. It you don’t like it after an hour you can take a wet cloth and wipe it off. When you say you want to distress them do you mean sand away some of the white? Is there wood under there? If not you can achieve the distressed look with the glaze. I would recommend trying more of a taupe color because anything too dark will only make the white look brighter. Hope this helps ~Sonya

  26. I don’t have a blog but I wanted to ask a question. We are having a house built right now and the kitchen cabinets are just too white for me. Rather than repainting all of the cabinets I am thinking I just need to distress them a little and add a glaze. Like maybe a softer white or an ivory white. I just can’t figure out which glaze color to use. Do you think that if I put the color I like in the glaze that would achieve the effect I am going for? Any input would be great. The painter hasn’t really been much help and I think about this constantly. I like the rest of my kitchen. I distressed the pantry door and the vent hood red. Just don’t like the sterile look of the cabinets. Thanks

  27. I see now they were painted first…so did you just paint latex on top of oil?

  28. I did not sand mine. They were a semi gloss paint not poly, I’m afraid for poly sanding will be necessary. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  29. Sonya,
    I love your cabinets and would like to do something similar to mine. I have a question, my cabinets have a polyurethane on them, should I sand them or can I use the brand of paint you used without sanding?

  30. Thanks so much for stopping by! I did not prime my cabinets, they were white so no need. I did clean them very well to ensure no grease or any other residue was on them. I did use a regular paint brush first in all of the detail areas but all flat surfaces were painted with the foam roller. The glazing was just wiped on in the areas that I wanted to show more detail then wiped off any excess. I see you are commenting on the Kitchen Tour but not sure if you saw the post I wrote about what paint I used on the cabinets.

    Good Luck with your cabinets! Please feel free to message me if you have any more questions. ~Sonya

  31. Hey I stumbled on your site via pinterest. We are about to tackle painting our cabinets so I have a few questions… first you used a foam roller to apply the primer or did you use a regular paint brush for the doors(since the doors are not a flat surface) after the primer did you sand before applying your paint color and how did you go about applying the glaze (what technique did you use)??? I have read about a few different ones. Love your kitchen it looks great!

  32. Awww, thank you so much! The back splash is tumbled stone and we bought it on big clearance from a store in Atlanta called Floor & Decor.

  33. Beautiful cabinets!! I am using this photo as inspiration for my kitchen revamp. Where did you find your stone backsplash?

  34. Your kitchen in beautiful Sonya. Love what you did to the cabinets. What glaze did you use? Also, will you be posting a tutorial, and if not, do you have any tips for getting such a smooth finish? And did you remove all the doors or leave them on while you painted? I’ve wanted to do mine for years, the same as yours. The only reason I hesitate is because there is a diamond pattern etched in the doors, and I’m not sure how they will look painted, or how to get rid of the pattern. So I would love any advice you can give. Thanks!!

  35. Luckily I have never had anything my husband wouldn’t let me paint…but your cabinets sound beautiful as they are.
    I am going to Haven…nervous and excited! Are you?

  36. I do love it Pamela…but like every blogger/designer I know, there is always something you want to change 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  37. oops hit the wrong key!! I just love what you did to your cabinets!! My hubby and i built a new house about 5 years ago and we put in these beautiful wood shaker cabinets but I just am dying for a white kitchen and my hubby will NOT let me paint them. Uggg, I am in cabinet envy! great job! Are you going to Haven??

  38. Love your kitchen makeover! I know it must make ya smile every time you go in there.

  39. Hi Sonia! I love your kitchen. Do you mind to tell what type of paint you did use? Thanks

  40. Thanks so much Judy for your sweet comments! I will check out your party. Thank you for stopping by.

  41. Thanks so much for your sweet words! It is a but time consuming but worth it! Are your cabinets currently painted and you want to change the color or are they stained?

  42. I love your kitchen! What a beautiful job you did on the cabinets. I’m working up the nerve to try paint mine. It seems so daunting. I love yours.

    Linda At The French Hens Nest

  43. What a beautiful kitchen! You have lots of space and storage and the floors are gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  44. Beautiful job! Love the bright fresh look you created in your kitchen! l have the same Ikea lazy susan, I put it in the fridge for my condiments. Off to see how to get my floors that shiny! 🙂

  45. Your kitchen is gorgeous, Sonya! The distressing on the cabinets made such a difference. You did an awesome job (assisting) with the tile! So glad I got to meet you in person the other week!

  46. You are so sweet! I have been putting off adding the house tour photo’s because there were so many things I’ve been wanting to change but decided it is the current house tour so go for it. After seeing all the pics, I think it looks sort of “new” again. Amazing what a new perspective can do 🙂 Have a great week Nancy!

    FYI…I was trying to be 1st on your Project Inspired Link party last night and I decided to tweet it and I posted as 2nd, lol!

  47. Beautiful Sonya! I love everything (even the fabric on the chairs that you are thinking of changing! 😉 ) The tile is gorgeous…and so are the cabinets. Very nice! Oh, and those floors look fabulous!!! 😉

  48. I think I am ready to paint the walls and change out the fabric on the chairs and the window…we will see! Thanks so much for stopping by Krista!

  49. Thanks Christy, you are so sweet! I can’t wait to see what you do with your cabinets after seeing how you rocked
    building that gate! You go girl! ~Sonya

  50. Your kitchen is so pretty already! Lovely glazing and beautiful backsplash. I am curious about what you are going to do now given that it is already such a homey space!

  51. Bo, I remember that too!! I’m so glad our families have those memories!
    I love you and pray for you MANY times eveyday!

  52. Hey Girl, I totally get the cookie thang! I remember you cooking up us some while we would leave scrapbooking to watch the bachelor/bachelorette a long with tall glass of milk. Thanks for sharing the heart of your home with me… I needed a distraction.

    Blessings along your path,

  53. Beth…we have to meet in person! We are surely long lost friends!!
    Thank you for your sweet comments!

  54. You aren’t going to believe this but you’re kitchen cabinets are the exact same color/style as mine. I think we were separated at birth! Looks GREAT!!!! I love it.

  55. Painting the kitchen cabinets really does make a big impact for a low cost! It does disrupt the kitchen use for a few days but it is worth it. Here’s a secret…I don’t paint the inside of the cabinets, saves time and scratches 🙂

  56. Love your kitchen cabinets! I want to paint ours so bad but I’m a little nervous about it :/ Thanks for sharing your lovely home 🙂

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