How to get your floors to shine

Can you get dull hardwood floors to shine? Yes, and I’m showing you the perfect product including where to buy and how to apply it.

Before we had our hardwood floors refinished in spring 2022 they were very dull. The wood floors had been installed around 20 years ago so you can imagine how they looked. This post will be for you if you have very dull older floors.

The photos give a good view of the dullness.

Hardwood floors before and after using quick shine floor finish.

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This post was originally written years ago when I was looking for a way to get our dull floors to look better.

I am updating the information and sharing again for those in the same situation. These are real life photos from our floors before to demonstrate the product.

Shine consideration

Depending on the dullness of your floors currently you may need to apply two coats of the floor shine the first application. Keep this in mind when you start.

Don’t over apply on the first application. Do two gentle coats to help avoid any streaking.


Before using the floor shine you will need to sweep, vacuum, dust and clean the grime from your floors.

Keep in mind, this floor cleaner and floor finish will shine your dull floors but it will not remove scratches.

Hardwood floor cleaner

You can use a microfiber mop with your favorite cleaning product if you prefer but I used the floor cleaner that went with the floor shine. The mop is included in the kit I listed below.

Make hardwood floors shine

The product is a floor finish and it is awesome! It has received the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice label. Safe for your family, children and pets with out harsh chemicals or terrible fragrance. To me that makes it even better.

While I never used it this way, it can be used on tile as well.

The kit comes with a mop and 3 pads. You can use the mop pad dry for dusting or damp when applying the floor finish.

The photo below is what my kitchen floor looked like before. This is after I moped, yikes.  See how dull and dirty they still looked.  The floors really do need to be refinished but I’m just not up for the fumes and havoc right now.

Dull hardwood floors come back to life with Quick Shine /
Dull hardwood floors come back to life with Quick Shine /

The floor finish is applied to a clean, dry floor with a damp sponge mop.  Just squirt right out of the bottle on to the floor.  That’s ALL…It is that easy!

In the picture below you can see where I started from the door and worked toward the table.  I stopped to show you the difference with just one coat of Quick Shine.  You can do more than one coat, just let it dry in between applications, approximately 30 minutes.

How to bring hardwood floors back to life

Be sure to sit the bottle of floor finish on a paper plate or towel or you might end up with a few shiny spots on your painted TV cabinet that you didn’t want shiny!

Quick Shine Hardwood Floor product

Tips for keeping floors shining

It really was simple to use and the fact that it is environmentally friendly makes it even better!

Now that we have our hardwood floors refinished I will use only the floor cleaner from our flooring company. My floors are a matte finish, not shiny.

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How to get your hardwood floors to shine

So there you have it, how to get your floors to shine!

Cleaning house can be much easier when things are in the right place to start. I am happy to have found a book that has changed my way of thinking about decluttering my home.

Frequently asked questions

What shine is best for hardwood floors?

This will be a matter of preference. You can go with a high lustre, classic shine or a matte finish as I have on my new floors. Remember that high traffic areas will show dulling faster. So consider that when choosing a shine.

How can I make my wood floors look new again?

Unfortunately the only way to get dull floors to shine again is to have them refinished and sealed or use a product like the one I shared in this post.

Why do my hardwood floors look cloudy?

Bad floor cleaners or wax build up can make your floors look cloudy after you have cleaned them. Use a one to one mixture of water and white vinegar on a damp cloth to remove the build up. If you have new floors ask your flooring company for their recommended cleaners.

How often should I use the floor shine?

You should only need to use it every 2-4 months. This will depend on the traffic to your floors.

Are shiny hardwood floors still in style in 2022?

I think this one is a preference. While I went to a matte finish and many new home have went that way, you do what you personally love.


  1. I have tile floors.
    As time passed by, my light colored waxed floors got brown. I used a big can of acetone. It instantly melted all the old wax off, so I could scrape it off with a putty knife. I tried straight ammonia before. It wasn’t as efficient.
    It took forever to scrape all the aged Brown wax off the entire house. The acetone & puddy knife is my go to 4 now. I will never wax my floors again.

  2. That stuff is nuts to get off when it starts to dull. My 2000 plus sf of wood floors looked worse than before when this stuff started to wear off. I threw out the full bottle.

  3. That’s great, I buy at my local Walmart as well. I did state that in the post but gave an amazon link for those not close to a store that they can buy in person. ~Sonya

  4. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for you grief and loss.

    I don’t find that my floors are slippery but I would imagine everyone’s may be different. You might want to try in a small area out of the way just to test. ~Sonya

  5. Does this product make hardwood floors slippery. My moms flooring is less than 2yrs old. (We lost my bother & best friend. Her second child..not to mention losing my oldest hero to prostate cx less than six mths.) *Great insurance, but..anyway I need something to replace her favorite MOP N GLOW. Sorry to say all that

  6. I was wondering if this products works to remove or at least lessen mild scratches from moving furniture..?

    The scratches l have are surface and look more like a colourless scuff. I would love to maintain them but have never found a product that would help restore them. If this product addresses that, can you let me know where l can purchase it? I live in Toronto, Ontario.

    Thanks for posting : )

  7. How does this hold up?

    Amazon had some negative reviews saying it dulls immediately. I also saw one of your commenters say it gets cloudly and ruins floors.

  8. To be honest, I had the same issue. I just use a cloth now. Not good on the knees but I do it anyway. I think I will message the company and ask. Thanks for reminding me I need that applicator!

  9. How do you clean the micro applicator? Mine gets hard after I’ve applied the product on my floors (I actually shine my brick flooring in our loggia with Quick Shine) and I have to throw it away…I know there must be a way to clean and reuse them.

  10. I have used this for years. It is the best on the market. I have a Shark floor cleaner. They also make their own brand of polish, which came with the cleaner when I bought it and their cleaner doesn’t even come close to this stuff!

  11. I used it for 10 years on hardwood flooring because I Loved the shine. I applied it approx, 3 times a year. After a lot of wax build up, the only way I was able to remove it was to apply vinegar for 5 min, then scrape with a plastic scraper. After 30 hours of hard labor, I would never use this again!

  12. This was what I was wondering. Thank you guys for letting people know that is nota good idea to use this on new floors. I have a lot of wooden floors in my house and I’m trying very hard to keep them looking new.

  13. It is amazing how shiny the floor looks on the second picture! I need to try this product! I have hardwood floors everywhere in the house and it will be great if I can get them shiny and nice. I clean the floor in the kitchen every day and because there is always somebody in the kitchen the floor has scratches and it’s lost its usual shine. I will try the Quick Shine Floor Finish. Thanks for sharing!

  14. This is unbelievable shine. Looks amazing. I never get this shine on my floors.

  15. I saw this post on pinterst looking for a natural cleaner and I must warn everyone. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! I’ve spent far too many months trying to repair the damage to my beatiful floors from the build up it’s created. Yes it looks beautiful for a while but then it starts to scratch and scuff and there is NOTHING you can do to repair it besides stripping it. I have used an exacto knife and a toothbrush on my stone floors stripper on wood floors anything I can think of to get it off. If I had known this product was used on my floors I would have negotiated its removal before purchase. I’ve been told its banned from renters using it on some prperties. Sorry for the rant but its awful!

  16. Over time it well darken the floor with build up wax.

  17. Wow I needed something like that I use bona floor cleaner but my floors are so dull can u plz tell what u used to clean that before u used the polish and how do u keep it clean when u need to mop I have 2 kids and one dog and I have to mop a Lott!!

  18. I have used this product. Made a MAJOR mistake!! I used my Shark floor cleaner to apply. DO NOT do that!! Leaves horrible marks on floor that are rough, look awful and can’t be removed!! Great product, but, do it like the directions say and use a sponge mop….ugh!

  19. I don’t really have any recommendations for removing it…I don’t think I have the same build up you are talking about. Good Luck

  20. I love this product and have used it for quite some time, however, I have 2 Maltese dogs and their
    nails do leave lots of scratches. And they slide a lot !!!! Now, my question is, how about getting it up when you want to refresh as I do? I’m going to try the diluted ammonia tonight, and if that doesn’t work I’m going to buy a product called GOOF OFF . Has anyone tried it on dull laminate floors? To get the Built Up wax off? Please let me know. Thank you for this web page. Jacki

  21. I have been using this on dull laminate floors. Yes, it works great,
    but I also now am experiencing scratches from 2 Maltese dogs and can’t seem to
    get the wax build up off the floor.
    Going to try a bit of that ammonia water and see what happens.
    Any other ideas I’d sure appreciate
    Someone told me to buy Goof Off and that will take it off.
    Anyone ever try removing the wax with goof off please email me. Thanks Jacki

  22. I agree with her…. be careful on the aftermath! (build ups)

  23. This is true! I spent 4 hours of cleaning my floor last night. It was a nightmare.. I used MinWax, which is Polyurethane based too. I don’t like the coat as it creates bubble, then I wipe it.. and became white! what a terrible mess! i cleaned the whole kitchen area, took me 4 hours…. there are still whites in between the hardwood……….sad, i just ordered 2 QuIck Shine Finish from Amazon, I will not for sure use them when they come….

  24. Wow!!! Really good shining. Thanks for sharing about this. Our floors are coated with hardwood and i think they require much care than any other. The shining fades away after few months of repolishing. Anyway I will try this product by this weekend. But is it possible to apply this finish on epoxy coated floors. Because our garage and basement floors are coated with epoxy coatings about three years ago as the part of our home renovation. I have also two pets in my home. So please let me know if it is harmful to animals.

  25. We have 2 large dogs and have used this product before, never had a problem with nail scratches but a word of caution with pet hair…make sure floors are completely free of all hair and dirt before applying or you will have hair stuck to the floor that will not come off!

  26. Not once it is dry 🙂 The links I have to order it in the post are from Amazon, so you should be able to have it shipped to you.

  27. Does it leave foot prints if u walk barefoot & can I get it in south africa

  28. Hiya I am just wondering if this products safe to use on ceramic floor tiles? Thanks in advance for any information.

  29. I know this post is a year old but maybe this response will help someone. I used this stuff for probably 6 years and loved it until the wax build up was too much. After using for so long the shine didn’t last as long and the floors looked bad after a few days. My white baseboards also looked bad in the areas it got on when I sponge mopped. I tried everything to get it up and finally had to resort to ammonia (I even used the expensive cleaner made for that purpose that I purchased at a flooring center-didn’t work), one of those plastic pampered chef stone scraper things, and a scrub brush. Yes, I used ammonia on real hardwood floors— but at that point I would have used a blowtorch!!! It didn’t hurt them either. It took a long time and A LOT of elbow grease but I got all of it up. My floors look great now. I use Mr. Clean to mop with for cleaning and every few months I go over the floor with Old English oil. They look better than ever. While cleaning the floors the wax build up pealed up like plastic and I really had to scrape to get a lot of it up. As I was cleaning the difference in how the cleaned areas and the other areas looked was amazing. Good luck!

  30. Love this product! Have used on my hardwood floors for 2 years now and always get excelent results! And it keeps the shine for a long time.

  31. I wonder what it would do on the kitchen cabinets? If you drip water on it, does it turn “white”?
    Just wondering if it was oil based, acrylic based, water based?

  32. Thanks for this post! We purchased a new house and it just isn’t a priority to refinish the hardwood floors just yet. We used this and the floor is BEAUTIFUL! Still needs to be refinished, but it is completely fine for the time being!!

  33. Not really like Murphy’s, you don’t have to mix it with water. Not slippery either. I mean, the floor feels clean but nothing to slip on.

  34. I am always concerned about what products I use on hardwood flooring and I haven’t tried this one yet. Is it anything like Murphy’s Oil Soap? Also, does it make the floors slippery? It might be good for a quick fix if the floors are clean and don’t get too slippery.

  35. I located a Promise item that placed a lovely sparkle on my timber floorings and also when the squirt container ran out I might never ever locate it once more. And also I like that this item is pleasant. The distinction in the luster on your floorings is impressive.

  36. Simple ammonia does not remove the build-up…I have tried numerous products even scraping it off! Again I wouldn’t use it on new hardwood floors

  37. It does leave a wax buildup buildup…It is wax!Everyone comments how great my floors looked but I wouldn’t recommend using it on new flooring…I wish I knew how to remove it now!

  38. I can not remove you from that option, you have to do it yourself, sorry. There should be an unsubscribe/unfollow from the comments within the email you are receiving. Not sure of the exact wordage but I have accidentally done that before so I know you can stop receiving them.

  39. Sorry, I can’t compare because I have never used mop and glo but Quick Shine does none of the things you mentioned.

  40. Is it anything like Mop and Glo? That gets milky when wet then dries dull. You cannot damp mop later, you have to just keep reusing it. It also scratches and It’s very difficult to remove. What does Quick Shine do in those situations?

  41. Thanks for sharing your opinion. My sister swears by the spray Liquid Gold. But this product sounds like a winner. I’m not hearing any downside of it. Gonna try it! Thanks!! Great site too!

  42. I think so…did you see the picture in the post where I accidentally got it on my TV cabinet? That was a over a year ago and it still looks like that!

  43. Do you think this would be good to use on wood furniture. I’m thinking of my oak dining table which is dull and splotchy and has water marks on it.

  44. I have found that it does lessen the shine if I wipe with another product. I just grab a paper towel and add in little Quick Shine to that spot.

  45. After you use it can you mop with other solutions and not ruin the shine? I used other product and after one application looked great the my daughter spilled something n I moped it up and then the floor became dull and ugly again

  46. Hi Denise!

    You can remove the Quick Shine Floor Finish from your table with WINDEX or FORMULA 409. Apply either of these products directly onto the Quick Shine spill and leave it on for a minute or so, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. You may have to repeat that process a second time. This method has worked for many of our consumers who needed to remove a small amount from countertops or tables.

    Holloway House is a family-owned business and we appreciate your patronage. Please tell your friends about us!

  47. Been using it for years (at least 10) STILL LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

  48. I have used this product for years, I love it. I have used it for wood floors, vinyl floors, ceramic tiles that have dulled, wood furniture I wanted just a bit of sheen to. My floors I have now are a pre-finished oak that was just a bit too dull. I didn’t want the full shine of using the Halloway House Quick Shine full strength, so, I diluted 50/50 and used it. I have just a slight sheen without being shiny. Very happy and always have it on hand. (I also used it on my concrete bird bath, worked much better and lasted longer than the ‘concrete sealer’ I had used previously for a shine!)

  49. I have used this product for years! It never fails me. Usually one coat is enough for that beautiful shine!

  50. I’ve used Bona fir years as well and, like you, the result has always been less than satisfactory. Wonder about the effect of dogs nails on the finish of this product. Has anyone had any experience with this?

  51. I use Bono which does great job too. And when I see it’s just starting to look a little dull I make a huge pot of black tea,let it sit for about 15 to 30 minutes then just mop floor. Puts back some of the shine in floor and you can walk on it a lot sooner then the Bono or quick shine it’s not as shing as them but it helps to hold off having to move furniture and use Bono till spring.

  52. I used their Quick Fix on my daughter’s floor. Completely cleaned floor and covered scratches! Use the Quick Shine then only use lightly dampened dust mop on wood floors between applications. No need to use every time. Just a few times a year. Great product!!!

  53. MopNGlo does the same thing and I use it on real wood, laminate, and even brick-like tile. These products look like a freshly waxed floor without all the bother. As for removing it (to do more serious re-finishing) washing the floor with ammonia & water and then rinsing it should do the trick.

  54. To take this product off, you can use straight ammonia (or try a high ammonia/water mix). This worked on my laminate floors, when this product built up on it. I sprayed ammonia on, left it for about thirty seconds and then scrubbed with a rough cloth. Only do this if you can open a window in the room you are working! At first, I loved this product because of the shine, but when I noticed the build up and the smudging, I just decided to remove all the product/build-up and clean my floors with a mixture of vinegar, water, and dishwashing rinse aid.

  55. I used this a few times on my laminate floor and it does make them shiny and new-looking, but it also builds up. The only way I found to remove the build up was straight ammonia. I spray it on from a spray bottle, wait a minute and then scrub with a rough cloth. Do this only when you can open a window!

  56. I don’t use it every time but then again I probably don’t mop as often as I should 😉 I don’t think it feels like wax but my floors are so dull that if it is it’s better than what is there. I never use a steam mop on hardwood floors, I’m afraid it will warp the wood.

  57. I’m curious do you have to use this everytime you mop? Is It like a wax?

    I want to use it but I don’t want a wax build up or have to do it every time I mop the floor either. oh and can you use a steam mop on it?

  58. I found your post via Pinterest and just shared on our Facebook page with our fans. What an incredible stop gap to prolong having to refinish the floors. This is especially helpful for our clients getting ready to list their homes for sale! Thanks for the great post!

  59. I found this stuff searching the web for hardwood floor cleaners. I figured they had been in business for 50 years, so I would give them a try. It was also cheap, under $6.00 at Wal-Mart! I have used Bona, Minwax, etc, etc…. I really have ruined my floors! They were so shiny when we first moved in our home, and they are not very old. Knowing NOTHING about cleaning hardwood, I have literally mopped with everything I could find for hardwood floors… I ended up with a milky film across my whole 1800 square feet home! I used this miracle working stuff one time, one coat, and it instantly took that yucky film off the floors!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful I found this product!

  60. I love that product I use the cleaner and the finish. The cleaner smells so good I believe it’s lavender. Since I have used this product I will not switch makes your floors look new!

  61. I thank everyone for their comments. I have real wood floors that shine beautifully. I get comments all the time asking what I use to get them to shine. First of all they have a semi gloss finish on them. The installer suggested I would like the look and he had laid hardwood floors for years. That is what I ordered. I have never used anything on them except to sponge mop them with a bucket of water and Pinesol or Mr. Clean. If you think about it hardwood floors have been around for over 100 years and they didn’t have all these fancy products to use on them. I would guess they used some type of homemade soap and water to clean them. I have decided I do not want any added build up on the floors. I would hate to try to remove the wax build up as it might ruin the floors finish. I think I will continue to use good old hot water and a liquid floor cleaning product. My floors really do not get that dirty that a sponge mop can’t handle. I do not leave any excess water standing behind and they air dry quickly.

  62. I used this product once a month for a year and a half. Vacuum, steam (big mistake) and then floor shine. I loved this product but now I am dealing with the horrible aftermath. The floors are ruined from buildup and have to be completely redone. I def think you should think before more coats. My floor looks terrible now.

  63. My wood floors were varnished. Will this product work on them.

  64. I think hardwoods are really tricky to keep looking new. Just try our best to work with what we have! Let me know if the vinegar trick works!

  65. I’ve used this for years and it is really a good product but now the wax has built up on my floors and starting to come off in places which makes my floor look dirty. So now I’m going to have to remove the wax using a mixture of vinegar and warm water and hope that takes it off.

  66. I am certain that Pergo would be considered a laminant flooring product. Laminant refers to a flooring technique where wood fibers are actually fused together under high pressure and the look of wood is photographed onto the product to resemble real wood. You can google the definition for laminant flooring. I think this product would be safe too use on Pergo, You can always test the product in an inconspicuous spot such as under a refrigerator. As for the waxy build up I would check the company to find out how this build up can be removed. I have real hardwood with some scratches. I was going to look iinto using this product, but noticed the comments of waxy buildup or the floors not being spotless of any debris and I think I will just leave well enough alone and continue using Mr. Clean or Pinesol mixed in water and sponge mop my floors. I am probably the only person that really notices the scratches since I get so many compliments on how beautiful my floors look. Others do not see the imperfections and scratches.

  67. Hi, Thank you for the post. I am a new home owner and we have Pergo florring, so not real hard wood flooring. I notice the bottle says can be used on laminate floor but I don’t know what category Pergo floor falls into? Has anyone used this on Pergo or do you know if Pergo falls in the laminate flooring category?
    Thank you:)

  68. No issues with that for me. I just work like I would mopping with any product. If I’ve ever seen a blotchy spot, it is only because I didn’t spread out enough of the quick shine in that area. So, in that instance I squirt a little more onto the floor and go over that spot again.

  69. Just wondering if the size of the room matters or how large of an area to work on at a time? My living area is fairly large so I’m worried about areas drying before I can finish the whole room and having some sort of splotchy thing happen.

  70. Do you use Holloway House floor cleaner (blue lid) first than the Finish (green lid)? Accidentally bought the cleaner, Walmart out of the finish. Tks

  71. I have been using this product for at least 6 years and still love it. I have also been using the Quick Shine no bucket Floor Cleaner for spot cleaning and in between using the Quick Shine Floor Finish. I have also found this product at Menard’s. This is one product that has made my life so much easier!

  72. I have oak floors so works great. I honestly don’t mop my floors often enough to really tell! It all depends on kids, pets, etc. but I would say once a month.

  73. This looks like a great idea- and really, just at a Walmart?

    It’s good for any kind if flooring, oak as well? How often do you use it to keep the shine?

  74. Will this cover up and hide fine floor scratches that I have from a chair that scratched the finish? I had padded chair feet, but a small pebble or sand got under the pad and scratched the floor. I would like to get rid of these fine scratches. My floors otherwise are shiny and beautiful.

  75. This is a really good product, but I wouldn’t recommend this product or any others similar to this if you have birds. They have chemicals which are not good for bird lungs. Birds are just too sensitive.

  76. Ahh ladies!! Please do not use steam mood on your hardwood floors!! I’ve worked for a flooring company for a while now and I like to look around and learn more about what can be done to keep your floors lookin new so I know what to tell my customers. We only sell the normal cleaner ( which is good, it’s alcohol based so it evaporates after you mop, leaving no streaky residue like swiffer) but some customers want to bring their floor back to life and it seems like this product is great! But steam mops are Terrible for your wood flooring and laminates! They force moisture between the boards of your floor and over time will damage the floor. It’s great for tile and vinyl though. Another poster had talked about orange glo, that as we’ll is terrible for flooring because it takes off the finish of your floor. Hope this helps y’all!

  77. I have told all my coworkers and friends about his product. You would think I work for the company! I love love this product!

  78. This product is just putting a film on your floor and in time the film will build up to the point where you have a bigger mess on your hands. You’ll notice foot prints are showing up easier and easier. That’s because of wax build up. Hard wood should be refinished, the only vinegar and water used to clean them with. Anything else will ruin the floor eventually and then you’ll be forced to have it redone.

  79. Hi,
    after using this product. .If you clean the floors with water/cleaner does it turn white like waxes do?? I used a steam mop on my hardwoods. .and the previous owners must have waxed the floor..what a nightmare. .whole floor turned white.

  80. I have used this for years and you do have to clean your clothes very well before use if you have dog hair issues :-). Also don’t use it every week/month to reduce build up. Use very sparingly to reduce build up issue, too. Best if you rub it in by hand – yes -by hand. A little bit goes a long way.

  81. Just curious if you found a product that removed the shiny spot from the table when you put the bottle down..? The same thing happened to me on my Formica countertop; I tried using “oops” and it wouldn’t come up. Suggestions?

  82. Love this product, have used it for years! Also found Holloway House quick Shine
    No Bucket Floor Cleaner to keep our floors looking great! Look for the blue cap bottle!

  83. Hey, just wondering for those who have used this, does it just look shiny when you apply it or does the shine stay completely after it dries? The ones I have been using when wet, it looks great, but when it dries, it looks the same, completely dull…Thanks!

  84. THANK YOU for this!
    I love the hardwoods throughout our home, but yeah, they need a bit of shining up! Glad to hear about this, Sonya!

  85. I hope I can find this product in the store…but if I can’t….do you recommend any other floor polishing products just as good?

  86. Are the floors slippery at all afterwards? I have tried several product on our wood floors and it always seems you get slippery with the shine. I have an older dog…Babe…12yr old Aussie and she has slipped a few times after I have cleaned the floors with some products…not a good thing….I am using vinegar and water mixture…not so shiny and kind of stinky…but they are clean 🙂

  87. Just bought some today as a matter of fact at Walmart no less. I usually use Bona which I like but, it’s nice to know this works well too at 1/3 of the price!!

  88. I’ve used this on my laminate and hardwood floors for years and it works great on both!

  89. Is this anything like orange glo. I had a very bad experience with orange glo. It was tacky, sticky and lookes smudges. Yuk.

  90. Thank you for this! I’ve been using Bona but my floors are still dull. I always feel like they look like they are dusty even after I vacuum, dry mop and clean w/ Bona. Frustrating! I am for sure going to try this product!!!

  91. Sounds like you have taken great care of your floors! Way to go! My floors were already dull 🙁 when I bought my house so this product has worked well for me.

  92. When I had my wood floors polyurethane-coated – (20yrs ago), I was warned not to use anything that leaves a residue on floor as it will interfere with future refresh coatings. I was told only use a mix of hot water and methylated spirits which seem to have works quite well. Some high traffic spots are a bit duller than rest and that’s not bad considering I was supposed to have done a reapplication every 5 years.

    I read some above comments that indicate this product does leave a coating that will build up with reapplication. Can anyone confirm this?

  93. I haven’t had any problems like that and I have an indoor dog. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out! Thanks for sharing.

  94. I used to use this on my floors and it did give a great shine, but it does build up and if there is anything on the floor at all when you put it on, like dog hair or people hair etc, it gets waxed in with the Holloway and then you can’t get it up. This is a real problem if you have pets or if your floors aren’t absolutely spotless when you wax them.

  95. Awesome! I will be having a giveaway soon with a fun kit Holloway House sent me to give away to a lucky winner! Be sure you are subscribed to not miss out!

  96. I accidently picked up Holloway Hse at walmart because I had used all the others offered and not one held up. I used this product one time and I was amazed. My floors looked just like the ones above and now they look like they have been refinished. no joke. I cant believe how long it lasts too. I will never used anything else. I didn’t know there werer more products. will check them out thank uou.

  97. Just curious if this product has an odor. I have a parrot,and have to be careful. Since it’s DecemberI can’t open windows. Thanks!

  98. Just curious about the odor if any. ..
    I have a parrot,and it’s December. I can’t open the windows,and have to be careful for my feathered baby! Thanks!

  99. That looks awesome! Do you know how well it works on faux wood floors? We just bought a house with laminate wood flooring and it’s been a nightmare trying to find something that cleans and shine but doesn’t leaves terrible streaks all over!!

  100. My wood floors are worn even more than your’s. I plan on giving this a try. Have used Johnson Wax before but this looks much better.

  101. I haven’t noticed any waxy build up and I’ve been using for several years.

  102. Thank you! I only used 2 coats. It really goes along way. I’ve can do my house with 1 bottle 2-3 times, but of course that depends on how much flooring you have.

  103. Just curious, how many coats did you end up doing to get the look in your final pictures? And how many bottles of the quick shine did that take? We’ve been in our house for a few years and recently decided to take out the carpet and go to hardwood…to our surprise there is hardwood under the carpet!! It’s a bit dull right now, but I thought we might get to tearing out the carpet before the holidays if we can give them a quick little shine…otherwise I was going to wait until after the holidays…this stuff has me hopeful that I’ll be getting rid of that carpet a lot sooner than I thought!! Your floors look great!

  104. I use the Holloway House lemon oil to remove hard water and soap scum build up on my shower doors. I’ve never seen anything that works as good as this. I always have trouble finding it, so when I do, I stock up.

  105. It’s not like a wax is it? I don’t want build up. I put something on a couple years ago and I’m am still trying to get it off my hardwoods.

  106. This is an awesome product. I use it on my hardwood floors. Works well on laminate floors also. I would recommend it to

  107. Sonya, I LOVE this stuff! We used it on my father-in-law’s 60+ year old floors and they looked like new. Had to go back and buy several more bottles just so we won’t be without 🙂

  108. Wait–you mop??………HA!….just kidding……

    With 3 little ones, I struggle to get time to MOP, much less SHINE! But, after seeing these pics, I’m inspired to be a better mom and homemaker. LOL 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Thrift Diving

  109. Wow the shine is amazing I definitely want to try this after seeing your photos! I love that it’s environmentally friendly!

  110. Oh yes, love that stuff, used it for years until we finally refinished our floors last year. (It is a bit stinky ..but does go away fairly quickly)
    But it really does work great to shine up floors! I’d bet there are many that don’t know about this quick and easy fix!! 🙂
    Hope you are have a great week Sonya! 🙂

  111. It really does work great! It also has a nice clean feeling on bare feet. Thank you so much for your kind comments! ~Sonya

  112. OMWord. I am getting some of that TODAY. I found a Pledge product that put a beautiful shine on my wood floors and when the squirt bottle ran out I could never find it again. Either they changed it or discontinued it because what they sell now just isn’t doing it. And I love that this product is friendly. The difference in the shine on your floors is amazing. Beautiful. Thanks for the tip!

  113. I hate carpet in my main living spaces but I have to say I do like it in my bedrooms! AND the carpet I do have needs cleaning really bad…maybe I should find a product for that 🙂

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