10 Things to get rid of today


10 Things to get rid of today for a more organized home and life.

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The past few years my husband and I have been working our way through our home getting rid of things we don’t need. Let me tell you how awesome it feels to have less things. The overwhelming feeling of where to start is usually what causes people not to start at all. I’m here today to help.

This process really started when I read a book about the KonMarie Method, Organizing and Tidying! One of the reasons I think I use to fail when it came to organizing our home was the idea of it all had to be done today. It is a process but there are certainly things that you can do to get a great jump start on clearing the clutter from you home.

This list below is a great place to start. Don’t jump all around between each item. You don’t have to start with #1 but choose and complete that one then move on from there. I have found this works best if I stay in one mindset and move on after that task is complete.

10 Things to Get Rid of Today

1. Magazines

If you have looked at them then pass them on to a friend or drop off at the recycle bin. I keep one basket of magazines under my coffee table. The one’s I allow myself to keep are special interest publications that have lots of great content and a few seasonal one’s like Christmas decor. I like to look through those for ideas from time to time. After a couple a years I will get rid of the old one’s.

2. Mail/ Paper

Tackling mail and papers as they come into the house is ideal but that doesn’t always happen. The dreaded paper pile happens. Set a timer for 15 minutes and just dive in. Trash it, file it, sign it or mail it. Whatever needs to happen with that one piece of paper do it. Then move on to the next one.

3. Clothes/Shoes

Before my son headed off to college I needed him to go through his clothes. He was unsure of how to decide what to keep. He knew to get rid of things that were too small and worn out but what to do about all of those other items. The “would I buy it again” question was the turning point. I’ll give him props too because he came up with that.

If you have kids clothes to donate for any grade please consider your local schools. I have always called the school counselor and asked if I could bring them clothes and they have always been so grateful. I give good clothes too, not just old t-shirts. There may be a little girl who needs a pretty dress for the daddy daughter dance or a teen girl for the spring semi formal, it all makes a difference. This is so special to my heart so I wanted to share it with you. I’d rather give to the needy than sell something for a yard sale price.

4. Plastic Cups/Small Appliances

Why does a family of four need 50 plastic cups? Really y’all, I tossed so many cups, lids and small appliances that were in my cabinets that we didn’t need or ever use. Just get rid of it. The amount of space that was freed up was exciting.

5. Uncompleted Craft and DIY Projects

I imagine if you read my blog then I know you love to do projects. Make life easier on yourself and toss those half finished, thrift store dream projects. Pass along to a friend if you think they would love it, other wise trash it. You don’t need that clutter and burden in your home.

6. Broken Items

This should be obvious. If it doesn’t work, it’s gone.

7. Duplicate Items

Donate any duplicate items. Do you really need 15 screw drivers, apparently not. I’m talking to myself on this one, lol.

8. Expired Food

A pantry cleaning always is a good idea. Old food, food you tried but didn’t like and empty boxes always fill the pantry and make it look messy. The first step to better meal planning is having quality food on hand.

9. Expired Medicine

Get rid of all expired medicine, prescription and over the counter. Don’t take a chance with ineffective meds. PLEASE be sure to safely dispose of medications. Good idea to ask your pharmacists for tips.

10. Dust Collectors

This is the fun one. Remove all of those home decor items that you don’t love anymore and they sit around collecting dust. Pass those items on to someone who will love them again and dust them too.

This is a great list to gain some clutter control in your home. I hope my journey for an organized home will help you. I would love to hear your success stories and any tips you can offer. Leave me a comment or email me anytime.

Now GO and get rid of some things and make room for what really counts in your life!

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  1. My house is so cluttered I tinker on hoarding. Kitchenware,esp containers,I went through a handbag stage,now it’s containers. Clothes where do I start,I have what if clothes. What if I go camping. Oh the paperwork is enough to not start

  2. C R Williams I’m sorry you’re so unhappy.
    Please remember that it’s your choice to read something or skip it but don’t bring down other people, it’s just not nice

  3. Your tips are great, but I would just add something. When you “get rid” of your medication, you should bring all prescription medication to your local pharmacy/drugstore. Some medications should be disposed of a certain way and not be put in the garbage.

    I know I’m pretty late, but hey, if it can change one person’s doing, why not?

  4. It depends on if you put a sealer over the chalk paint, such as wax or poly. If not then you are good to paint right over it. If you did then you need to use another chalk paint color over it so it will stick. Then just seal that new color with wax.

  5. don’t have a comment, but do have a question for you Sonya. If I have done a small table with white chalk paint, and want to add some colour, can I use regular paint and wipe it off and than wax. Your help would be appreciated.

  6. ISonya, I have tried some of your decluttering ideas and already my life is so much less burdened now both mentally and physically.. thanks for the tips.

  7. Sonya yes you do need 15 screwdrivers of various sizes and heads. I will not get rid of oyster plates, artichoke plates, strawberry forks, steak knives, cheese weights, escargot dishes, punch bowls, etc. which I use about twice a year. Live your sterile life but stop pretending it makes you virtuous.

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