Bring this Home to Order {in 31 days}

Bring the home to Order in 31 days

I am taking the month of October, all 31 days, to Bring this Home to Order.

To complete things that I’ve started but left unfinished…

To clear my house of too much stuff..

To clear my mind of chaos!


2013 Year in Review Bring this home to order

My goal is to update you daily here on the blog of my progress…frustrations and triumphs!

I debated joining in with tons of other bloggers at the Nesting Place BUT decided to go for it.

To use this as a way of keeping myself accountable.

I would love for you to join me.  Comment and share!

I will be using #bringthishometoorder on my social media…Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to use the # as well to show me and others how you are joining in with Bring this Home to Order.

You will be able to come back to this page where I will link up daily progress, tips and tricks! {Just scroll to the bottom}

With any luck you will get to see some completed projects along the way!

Day 1: I will sit down and make a list of everything in my house that is out of order. (wish me luck)

***all updated links from all 31 days are below!

Day 2: Welcome Home

Day 3: Snail Mail

Day 4: Big Project Plans

Day 5: Bench Makeover

Day 6: Order not Perfection

Day 7: Meal Planning

Day 8: Another Paint Project

Day 9: Toilet Paper

Day 10: My Purse

Day 11: Trash and Donate

Day 12: Sell Stuff

Day 13: Potential Paralysis

Day 14: Clean the Sink

Day 15: Family Fall and Apples

Day 16: It’s Contagious

Day 17: Family Photo

Day 18: Under the Bathroom Sink

Day 19: Utilize the Help

Day 20: Our Rock

Day 21: How to make a Framed Fabric Garland

Day 22: How to Create Gift Wrap Art

Day 23: Under the Bathroom Sink for Men

Day 24: Pep Talk

Day 25: Painted Furniture for Clients

Day 26: Scrapbook Paper Storage {Craft Room}

Day 27: Relax

Day 28: Singer Sewing Box

Day 29: Dollar Tree Fall Garland

Day 30: The Office

Day 31: The Craft Room

WHERE TO START Organizing Your Home

Secret Mindset for an Organized Home

Organizing and Tidying

Declutter Tips for Success

Trash and Donate

10 Things to Get Rid of Today



  1. Yes, we all have our personal projects in brings our home to order for sure, but been quite lazy with it, I got a mess at my room, don’t find the inclination to get things into order. Point is if I do it, anyway it will get messy again(: anyway…I guess it is about planning, make provisions to keep things here and there, must do smart renovation not just keeping room neat, it is renovation of sorts.

  2. Sonya, I love this idea! I tried to start something like this awhile ago and maybe made it to…um….day 3? LOL. I think you’re about to inspire me to start up again! WOO HOO!

    Thrift Diving

  3. Sonya,this is so funny…I was telling the ladies I work with how I needed to clean out my house….Although we never meet I feel like i really know you well…..I’m ready to get my house back to order myself….I cant wait to get started…What FIRST!!!!!

  4. Yay, thanks Therese! Be sure to leave all of your accomplishments in the comment section so that you can also inspire others! ~Sonya

  5. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see all that you accomplish 🙂

    Hugs & Blessings …

  6. So inspired and excited for you Sonya! I’m feeling the positive peer pressure I talk to my girl’s about. I’ll be with you all the way.
    Let’s do it! 31 days
    Cheers to you and yours,

  7. WOW, Dianne you have been busy…sounds like I could certainly learn from you! Please continue to share in the comments sections so you can inspire others! ~Sonya

  8. I am always side tracked…I think it is the nature of the DIYer and crafty types! I have my husband on board with this challenge so we are ready to go! Be sure to subscribe by adding your email and you will not miss a post! Have a great day! ~Sonya

  9. I am just glad to see that others also have long lists of things that could, should and may be will one day be taken care of. I think Fall and Winter are good times to take care of what is not organized as it should be, before winter is over and Spring Cleaning and yard work starts.

    I am so curious what it is that you start out with, and I will try to go along as best as
    I can, I always feel something will side track me, a new project, a new idea, work
    whatever there seems to always be something.
    Good Luck I will try to keep with your pace

  10. I’m excited to follow your 31 days. I have spent much of this year de-cluttering my home after my youngest graduated from college and moved on. This included updating her bedroom and bath, emptying every closet in order to re-carpet the bedrooms, going through office supplies, craft supplies, clothes and shoes, need I go on? Consequently we then spent a month getting ready for a massive yard sale, selling on Craigslist and then donating ALMOST everything last weekend after the yard sale. It feels so incredible to open closets now and see some blank spaces, nothing falls on my head, and I can find the shoes I want to wear without saying a bad word. It is so freeing to have the hidden areas of my house in order, finally, after raising 7 kids and never enough space. We are retiring next year and this was our first step towards downsizing. Go for it and you will be so happy and feel so free. My motto was SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY. Now I will be able to devote some time to those unfinished or fun new projects that I’ve put off for so long. My first little reward was making a fall arrangement to hang by my front door after work yesterday and being able to find the supplies and whip it together in no time. Looking forward to your posts!

  11. Oh my, if I made a list of everything in my house that needs order…it would be a mile long! Good luck with your challenge…I’ll be back to see what you’re up to!

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