31 Days Toilet Paper

Day 9: Toilet Paper

Some days it’s the little things that bring my home to order!

Not painted furniture or a completely cleaned laundry room, although those help.

It’s that one little thing that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

You know what I mean, right?

31 Days Toilet Paper

It’s that moment where the toilet paper is no longer sitting on the bathroom counter but

has made it’s way home, where it belongs…on the roll!!

So, here’s to the little things that bring order to our homes.



  1. My problem isn’t TP, it’s leaving empty ice trays so I found this, copied and taped it to my cupboard by the fridge….things are getting better….slowly…..

    Ice Cubes


    2 trays Units: US | Metric
    2 cups water (approximately)
    2 tablespoons water (additional if needed)


    1 Empty the ice cubes that are left in the trays (if there are any left) into the bin.

    2 Take the trays over to the sink and fill them with cold water.

    3 Place the water filled ice trays back in the freezer.

    4 Replace the ice bin if you had to remove it.

    5 Shut the door to the freezer.

  2. We recently moved and had to buy a new refrigerator. Since they all have these deep doors, the inside of the freezer won’t hold the bins I used to use for frozen foods. Finally found some that fit perfectly and when I opened the freezer this morning, I actually sighed in contentment to have everything in that one place back in order!

  3. You have no idea what a comfort it is to know [read: to have someone else admit OUT LOUD] that there is a family besides mine who [though gifted in the technology category of life] cannot figure out[?] how to change the toilet paper roll. And quite honestly, in rebellion [why should it be ME?] I try and hold out for someone else to do it. The whole thing is JUST WRONG!

  4. teehee, you gals are cracking me up. How about when they don’t get another roll and leave you with empty one on the holder? I’m happy to say my hubs isn’t guilty of that ..(anymore). Guess since he’s only other person in house (beside cat and dog) so can’t blame anybody else when he forgets. My boys were famous for leaving the empty on the holder and not getting another roll handy at least. I’ll have to ask them if they still do that now that they’re married with kids. I can remember many yells …”Mom Mike or Jeff used last of toilet paper, didn’t replace roll”. I’d ask them what they wanted me to do about it and whomever it was got themselves a roll of toilet paper. I suggested they look before they get to throne so they don’t have that problem anymore. NO not heartless, just practical with 6 people in the house and I worked full time then.
    Ah the joys of raising a family. Happy days

  5. I tell everyone when the dishes are clean in the dishwasher, so they will use from there, that way I have less to put away 🙂

  6. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!! If the toilet paper made it on at my house….I would hand out gold medals!

    Happy day to you!

  7. I swear that is the most mystical thing to me. Thirty one years, and I have yet to figure out the complexity of hanging the toilet paper on the holder for the makes in my home. You think, okay, that spring action holder would be perhaps a bit complex for someone with physical disabilities, but definitely not the case here. I even have one holder that requires only sliding the roll onto an open ended hook. Glad I am not alone in this issue. Oh, and, pray tell, do they also leave said empty rolls in the counter, back of toilet, or holder awaiting the TP fairy to rid the room of it? 😉

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