31 Days My Purse

Day 10: My Purse

I bought a new purse a couple of weeks ago but it was still sitting in my closet with the tags on it.

Cute Fossil purse that was on clearance…seriously, it’s rare to find Fossil for that price!

Why would I just bring it home and stick it in the closet??

So, I decided to bring some order to my purse while I was changing it out to the new one.


31 Days My Purse

I’m not one to carry around a lot of stuff in my purse but apparently I am one to carry around lots of the SAME stuff!

The hairbands are for my daughter because she always needs one but never has it with her when she runs.

Really, with all those pens?? AND too many Walmart receipts!


31 Days My Purse emptied

The inside of this purse had just the right amount of pockets for me.

Look how cute the inside fabric is!

31 Days Inside my new Purse

So now I have my cute new purse all neat and organized.


31 Days My new Purse

Even if you don’t have a new purse, take a few minutes and clean yours out anyway.

It will be your accomplishment for the day!

Hope you have a great one!



  1. Isn’t it funny about pens in your purse: you either have 8–or NONE!

  2. You sound so talented! Yes, I’ve made purses before. My sister and I actually had a small business making and selling them about 10 years ago.

  3. Love the purse. I go into Herbergers in Grand Junction now and then just to tease myself. Love the snazzy purses they have but the prices, nope, even on sale, eeeegggads. Love yours and glad it was on clearance. Isn’t it incredible the things we carry around In our purses? Love the colors and fabric of your new one. You sure scored a cutie.
    I’ve been making a burlap purse or two with fabric I have to line it, then some trim I have. Purposely made one smaller so I can’t drag around everything I might own some day. I just take my burlap, make a rectangular shape then when it’s the size I want I cut it out, put the fabric up to it, make the lining, straps and off I go. Takes me maybe an hour to make one, very handy when I want a new purse but no dinero, (I seem to spend all my disposable income on craft supplies, duh). I make pockets on inside with the fabric I’ve lined it with or something that goes ok. I make a pocket on outside for keys. It’s actually kind fun to figure out how I want to make it then do it, no patterns, just improvise as I go along, more fun that way. Have you ever made yourself a purse?

  4. Oh, I really need to clean out mine… The other day, I realized I am carrying around a can of cannellini beans. No, really 🙂 No wonder it was kind of heavy.

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