31 Days Trash and Donate

Day 11: 31 Days Trash and Donate

Organization-Trash and Donate

While working on clearing a space (like this one from Day 4) it is a good idea to sort items into 2 piles. Trash and Donate. The key here is to work quickly.  Don’t ponder on an item for more than a few seconds.  If you are like me, the item in question has been sitting around your house FOR EVER and you haven’t done a thing with it…so just decide, is it worth passing on or is it trash?

My daughter and I spent some time this past Saturday sorting.

We came up with this.


31 Days Donate and Trash


31 Days Trash and Donate

From the before picture you can see some things that have been accomplished.  I returned my sister’s table that I was borrowing but didn’t need.  The end table in the front has been painted and placed in the family room.

Looks better already!

Day 11 Room Before and During

***For the Donate pile…get that stuff out of your house as soon as possible!

I understand that some of the hardest items to decide on are the sentimental ones. I wrote all about how you can get rid of sentimental clutter too.

Seriously, pack it in your car and drop it off!!  This is the very best advice I can give you! It doesn’t allow you to change your mind and keep things.

Progress is being made and I am feeling really great about my 31 day series!

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  1. Good job…I got ton of stuff I kept to donate, mostly clothes and yet to give it off… yes decluttering house is like changing the environment to be neater and more functional place so good going… your take is simple and practical and effective, just like like clear the baggage of the past, make space in the present and don’t stress fully worry about the future.

  2. This is exactly what I have to do when organizing! It’s so true about sorting quickly as well! Another alternative to getting the ‘donate’ items out of your house quickly is to search Yahoo Groups and see if there is a local Freecycle group in your area. Once you join, you can just post an “offer” for the items you no longer want and someone who can use them will come pick them up. I love using this because the items are usually gone within the hour…no time to change my mind, I never had to take them anywhere, and I know they are going to someone who can get some life out of it! (I’ve also received some great items over the years this way as well!)

  3. Glad you like it! Yes, I don’t to GoodWill some but I also donate to a local place called Home with a Heart. It’s a Christian home for men in drug/alcohol rehab. They have a few local thrift stores. I take anything that I think a crafty person would find even if it isn’t how it should be.

  4. where do you donate your stuff? i noticed your drawer front and empty frames-will goodwill take that? i have things that are really good but i just don’t use/want them anymore-do you donate them someplace different? thanks for this series, i love it!

  5. Sonya,

    I am so glad I got to see your before and after craft room! And the framed garland is Perfect for the wall where you hung it! I just kept thinking of a garland as something to string on a tree or bannister! Hometalk, and crafter’s like you, are certainly opening up my mind to many possibilities! Thank you for your reply, and, I’ll be back!

    Maggie Lais

  6. I hope you’re happy what you’ve started at my house now, lol. I’ve been organizing, throwing away, donating. Just little things mostly but it’s getting done. Not that it needed it of course. I’m the worst piler and ignorer, can’t seem to break myself of it when I’m in middle of projects. I know, no excuses.
    You are doing a great job, very determined, guess that’s what it takes to get things done that need it. You’ve sure inspired me. I tend to just do things as I see them needing to be done and stop to do them, not much of a planner. Good for you gal. Just think how you’ll feel when you get to the end of the 31 days, see all you’ve accomplished. Happy weekend

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