31 Days Sell Stuff

Day 12: Sell Stuff

I usually donate most things but there are some items that I no longer need that can be worth some money.  I rarely have yard sales but I do post things out on Facebook and Craigslist from time to time.

Things I usually sell that way are clothes and furniture pieces.

Currently I have this Entertainment Cabinet that I am selling.

31 Days Sell Stuff Cabinet

My son grew out of ALL of his brand new jeans in only 3 months, so these are worth selling. I like to give my nephew clothes when I have his sizes.

Yes, that is a pair of Toms and Miss Me Jeans…and a General Lee Halloween Costume 🙂

31 Days Sell Stuff

It’s always nice to get some cash for items you can no longer use, especially clothes because those must be replaced.

Have you ever used your Facebook page to sell some of your stuff?



  1. I have used craigslist a lot and in the last few months have discovered our town’s facebook yardsale page so now I use that too. If something doesn’t sell quick I need to donate it rather than bump it or relist it. If it’s going to sell, it usually goes in the first few days.

  2. Oh do I have stuff to sell. Besides several craft items I have other goodies. There are 2 different sites to advertise free (Grand Junction, CO area) being digitally challenged I couldn’t figure out how to get the ad on. Plus no camera for a picture either. I’d love to get going selling things we make, we could use some extra green stuff especially with this stupid shutdown we won’t be getting hubs VA disability maybe which is how we buy our groceries. Haven’t heard anything about the SS payday. Pretty scarey and I know we’re only among millions of people affected by this situation. Enuf grumbling. Good luck selling your goodies. I’d sure love to have that cabinet, love the style. Happy weekend

  3. I haven’t used FB to sell things, usually Yard Sales or Craigs List. I don’t see why not though, there just maybe someone on FB that’s interested!
    Good luck…

  4. I typically use our local yardsale sites on FB instead of CL because it works better in our area. If it doesn’t sell after a while, then I donate it.

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