31 Days Potential Paralysis

When I see something at a thrift store, yard sale, dumpster…my mind runs wild.



I see potential in things…

I see new paint…

I see fabric updates…

I see wood grain…

I see what an old item could become!

I love that feeling, it’s what a creative DIY person is all about.  BUT something happens once these things get to my house.They get forgotten, postponed, unused!

Then, I have so many items with potential that I become paralyzed.

Potential Paralysis…

NOT good for the creative DIYer type, ummm, like me.

So I have discovered,  I need to get rid of these items.  Keeping them only makes it worse.


I am now working on a system that if I don’t have a particular plan or use for an item I am passing on it.

I think it will help tremendously as I Bring this Home to Order.

Are you the victim of Potential Paralysis?  Have you ever had to get rid of things that you never brought to it’s full potential just so you could have your creative juices flowing again? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Sunday Friends!



  1. Whoa! I could not have said it better – actually, it’s what the problem has been, only I couldn’t put my finger on it. This is SO me!!! Especially since I’m frugal! Because I know darn well that the item can be used, but having so many of those items makes my whole crafting collection just a big bottleneck of junk. Now… to coax myself into letting go…. <>…

  2. It is the same wiyh me, and thisn is the best time of the year to do this stuff.Ugh

  3. I bought 2 end tables to redo not knowing how or where I’d sell them but now they sit out in a shed that’s already packed with “stuff”. If I don’t get them sanded and ready to redo I won’t be able to deal with them again until Spring as we have no garage or basement. We usually have to do much of our sanding and painting on our back deck that’s not enclosed or screen or even covered in any way. We do some of our painting in our mud room but it’s a small room, don’t want the sanding dust in there. DUH! What to do, what to do. Happy week

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