31 Days Another Paint Project

Day 8: Another Paint Project

31 Days End Table Finished

I’ve had this end table for a “few” months.  My sister picked it up at a thrift store for $5 then decided she didn’t want it. So, she gave it to me. You can barely see in the picture that she had already sanded the top.

31 Days End Table Before

For my 31 Days series I wanted to complete as many projects as I could without spending any money.  I already had all of the supplies I would need for this little table.  Milk paint has a few steps to mixing but it really is simple.  I added the Miss Mustard Seed Bonding Agent because I wanted my paint to stick. I have been trying out different products this year, that’s why I have different options.  I was able to try all the Miss Mustard Seed products at Haven and I loved them.  My next purchase will definitely be her wax.

31 Days End Table Paint Supples

You first add warm water to milk paint.  Then the bonding agent if you are using it.  This is what it looks like.

31 Days End Table with mixed Milk Paint

After 2 coats of Milk Paint the surface is covered well.

31 Days End Table 2 Coats Paint

I distressed then waxed.  I wanted you to see what it looks like for the wax to be applied.

31 Days End Table Wax

I decided to leave the front drawer unpainted.  I did distress it as well and I love the way it turned out.

31 Days End Table Sanded

Don’t you love that cute little pear…My sweet friend Lisa gave it to me after I painted her kitchen table.

31 Days End Table 2 Toned

Painting furniture is my DIY love.  That is why I always have unfinished painted projects, it is like therapy for me.

31 Days End Table Details

I’m getting so many things done around here it feels GREAT!

Are you doing a 31 day series? What are you working on?

I’d love for you to share.  I get as much inspiration from you as you do from me…probably MORE!


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  1. Wonderful job, Sonya! I am getting caught up on your 31 day series and enjoying it. Just wondering what products you used when you painted your friend’s kitchen table? I have painted ours but am not happy with the finish. I sealed it with wax but it is not holding up well enough. Pen marks and other things show through and it really needs redone. I would love your input! Thanks.

  2. We’ve recently inherited a 150 year old empire chest that needs some refinishing. We definitely don’t want to try to make it look new — and this look would be perfect for it (flaws and all)! Where should we be looking for the milk paint/bonding agent and wax products? Are these items sold at the big box ‘depot’ stores?

  3. I absolutely love this! Makes me want to redo some pieces in my kitchen that I just finished. Look forward to trying this myself…Thank you! Lisa

  4. I plan to use more MMS milk paint this year! I took her class last year at Haven and her wax is amazing. It is next on my list to buy once I use up what I have.

  5. This was solid wood but had stain and sealer on it. From my experience with milk paint the more bonding agent you add the harder the surface becomes. I haven’t tried it on veneer though but I thin the bonding agent will help. Chalk paint should also stick to veneer.

  6. this is awesome! i have a table or two i hope will look very much like this!! one question though, is this a solid wood piece or does it have a veneer? and do you know if this can be done on a table with a veneer?

  7. You can sand then paint right away. Just be sure to wipe off all of the sanding dust before you paint. The waxing can be done as soon as the paint is dry!

  8. After u send them….how many days I have to wait to start to paint…or I can do it right way…as soon as I finish sanding. ..?…

  9. I love it! I think it turned out beautifully, and I love the drawer left, it adds a nice touch. Great Job!
    I saw you sharing at Miss Mustard Seed’s
    Debbie 🙂

  10. Wow what a great sister giving you that adorable little table. It looks sturdy and great style. Love how you redid it. Is she wanting her table back now that she sees how great you made it look?
    I haven’t used any of the commercial chalk paint or had chance to use milk paint but I’d love to. I have made my own chalk paint to use and felt it turned out ok. Haven’t been too brave tho, only on things that are ours. I’ve yet to have chance to sell something but need to find a way to sell our creations. Hopefully sooner rather than later. You are a great inspiration for me. I keep trying things I’ve seen you do. Happy week

  11. Looking good! I have a few paint projects as well, and as I am cleaning out, it is becoming much easier to let go of things. Looking forward to seeing what you have going on in the days ahead.

  12. Lovely job ! I too relove furniture and it is also my therapy. I have been Chronically ill or awesome for 10 hears now. Up until this past year, I didn’t think I had an artistic bone in my body until I discovered Chalk paint and Milk paint. Now with every good day or hour I am out in my little log workshop painting away. I don’t usually sell my pieces, I do them for me, family & friends. I really love a new product called Funked up. Their paint & finishes are completely ZERO voc and totally on toxic which is good for me as I have many many chemical sensitivities & it took a lot of trying products to find the one I could work with. I love want you do and your style, I will be following. Thanks for sharing. You can look for me Amy Martin Schmalz on Pintrest and see some of my Art.
    Have a Blessid day

  13. Oh it turned out great! What a nice sister to hand it over.;) We share the love of painted furniture my friend. I could use a little paint therapy myself with all the Halloween decorating I’ve had going on over here. I don’t know about you but I loose all track of time when I’m in the paint zone. It’s a beautiful thing.
    Have a wonderful week! Keep the 31 days going… I love it.

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