31 Days The Craft Room

Day 31: The Craft Room

31 Days The Craft Room Final

The craft room has been a mess for a while and I really needed to be able to work in there with a clear mind and a clear table top! You have NO idea how excited I am to be on the last day of my 31 day series, Bring this Home to Order.

Do you remember how it looked before… (insert blushing cheeks)

31 Days The Craft Room Before

and NOW my family has an organized craft room to make and create, draw and paint, glue and tape….

31 Days The Craft Room Art Wall

I didn’t get around to doing all of the BIG plans I had for this room as far as decorating goes but to be honest, I couldn’t really see past the mess.  I needed to get it in order first so that I could see what I really wanted to do.  There are some things I know for sure, the legs on the table need to be painted.  We put it together ourselves by buying legs and the laminate counter top from the home improvement store.  I wanted the laminate so that we can use paint, markers and even hot glue on it without the worry of ruining a nice desk.

I would also love a rug and window treatments.  I still have to get the space set up for my kids to make their videos.  I plan on painting the wall behind them white and adding a chair and a table for their filming needs 🙂 They both love posting to YouTube.

31 Days The Craft Room YouTube wall

Even though there are some things that I would love to do, right now I am going to smile at my accomplishment! The supplies are all where they need to be, the table is cleaned off, my paint is all in one place and my kids think it’s awesome!

31 Days The Craft Room Shelves

31 Days The Craft Room paint

31 Days The Craft Room Sewing

31 Days The Craft Room baskets

My sweet girl has already gotten crafty in here! She painted the cutest heart on these hobby lobby tote bags!

31 Days The Craft Room Heart Tote

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31 Days The Craft Room Final

I want to thank you all for your sweet comments and inspiration you offered me during this month!

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  1. I love you shelving unit with the cubed cubbies. I have been in search of something on that order for a long time. I never find one tall enough or deep enough for 12×12 album storage. Will you share where you got it?
    Love you room!

  2. You must feel wonderful! You’ve accomplished so much here lately…looks great!

  3. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments! What worked for me this time is that I took it one section at a time. I cleaned off the table one day, then the book cases another, the closet a different day. That helped me not scatter things all over. I usually try to do it ALL at once and I too end up with stuff all over my dining room and hall. The section technique seemed to work great! Good Luck ~Sonya

  4. What an incredible job you have done. Almost makes me decide to get my craft room in order. I need to purge some things I haven’t used in ages. Give them to a school or something. There’s an elementary school about a mile from our house. I’ll have to check it out.
    I’m one of those people that has to take everything out, go thru it then put it back little at a time. But problem is where to put all that stuff while I do go thru it. Hate to have too much lined up in the hall while I work thru it. Might just have to take it one section at a time or one iris cart at a time. Any suggestions? You’ve done such a great job in your house. We have a small mfg. home so not lots or room to manuvuer especially with winter coming on. In summer I put things out on the back deck and cover them with a tarp. We get high winds that could blow a person over. You’ve really inspired me gal. Happy weekend

  5. Yay!! Do you feel accomplished, or do you feel the need for 30 more post-holidays? 😉 enjoy all your accomplishments, and the impending holidays. Be blessed!

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