31 Days Singer Sewing Box

Day 28: Singer Sewing Box

I learned to sew as a little girl with my grandmother on her roll out table top sewing machine.  So you can only imagine my excitement when I found this Singer Sewing Box at a local thrift store for $4!  The nostalgia of this piece brings me great joy.  The best part is when I showed my awesome find to my mom, she said, “don’t you dare paint that.”  I had already decided that I wanted to keep this vintage Singer sewing box as is but I loved that she thought she should be sure I knew!

Singer Accordian Sewing Box

She was so beautiful and in great shape when I brought her home.

Singer Sewing box

Made by Singer stamped in the inside of the box.

Singer Sewing Box Stamp

She had lots of dust from apparent years of use.

I thought that needed to come off.

Singer Sewing box detail

Murphy oil soap was the perfect cleaner for this piece.

Singer Sewing Box Cleaning

I had sewing supplies scattered all over my craft room.

This one box is my daughters but it wouldn’t hold everything we had in one place.

Singer Supplies

All of the supplies are now so organized and I can see everything that I have.

Singer Sewing Supplies Organized


Singer Sewing Box Drawers

I was truly thrilled with this find.

It helps my sewing storage needs but it is a great piece to have sitting around in my craft room.

Singer Accordian Sewing Box

My mom has made dresses for my daughter in the past but this past Easter we went a different route.

Mom taught Sarah Beth how to make her own dress.

These pictures are priceless!

Singer Sewing LessonDo you sew?

Who taught you how?

Happy Monday,


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  1. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was about 7. She helped me with my first dress when I was in the 5th grade and then I made my first dress on my own later in the 5th grade. I have the SInger Featherweight that I learned to sew on. Love the pictures of your daughter sewing and I wish I had some with my grandmother.

  2. My mom has one of those singer sewing boxes too. I love how organized it keeps everything. Great find. And what a great memory of grandmother and granddaughter dress making. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My mother has sewn all of my life so I started sewing at the early age of about 7. I would consider a sewing machine as one of the wisest investments a young woman can make. While I rarely sew clothing these days, I have sewn some in the past. Way back in 1990, my husband and I, along with my parents and 5 kids went to Hawaii on vacation. I sewed Aloha wear for the entire family, shirts for the 5 guys and dresses for the girls! Now my sewing is mostly home décor oriented. I LOVE your great $4 find. I sure could use one!

  4. Pretty. Have to wonder why/when Singer had them outsourced to the Phillipines .

  5. I love your find!! I have one just like it that my husband got me for Christmas in 1966! I would not take anything for it. It will be passed down to one of my daughters when I am gone. Congratulations on the good deal you got.

  6. Oh my the memories, My DAD made one himself by hand his own very similar version of this Singer model, and I had it shipped here from Europe and I am still using it.
    My daughter when little loved to organize it and color coordinate the threads, and buttons, and then my grand daughter did the same…. Such fun…. because I when little did the exact same thing. Oh girls we are very much alike when we are little.
    Thanks for the photos…

  7. Oh how envious I am of your awesome sewing box and for $4? och, that’s a miracle, it’s in such great shape. I have a table hubs made with white formica shelving he got where he used to work. It’s a great table.
    My sewing room is quite small so it’s stuffed with iris carts full of notions and fabric, shelves lined with sewing things, yarns, looms and the closet, phew is it ever stuffed. I have fabric I’ve drug all over this country when we moved. I’d buy fabric for a project then not get to it. It’s sure handy now tho when I get an urge to make a cushion cover or table runner or whatever
    . My sewing machine is always out and ready. I don’t like it if I can’t just go into that room to sew when an inclination hits me. I’m a very spontaneous sewer and crafter. I used to make clothes all the time for my kids and myself then my granddaughters. One of them sews for herself now. She’s only one of 6 grkds that crafts either. Keep on sewing, it’s a good thing to do as Martha would say.
    I’ve been sewing since I was about 8 maybe. My Mother’s family in Cleveland (where I was born and we lived til I was 10) all sewed. My Mom showed me a lot, I had an aunt that was a taylor for Halle Bros. dept. store in Cleveland and some from home ec when there still was home ec.

  8. It is really nice to have the option to make something if you want to! Ray once gave me a gift to a sewing class when the kids were small. It was a great refresher course and I got a break as a mom to toddlers 🙂

  9. I have a love hate relationship with sewing. I love the outcome don’t love the process. Usually once I get going on a project I’m good, it’s the starting that is tough.

  10. That is so great Julie! So neat that your sewing box is from within your family. I don’t make clothes either, that’s why my mom taught my daughter 🙂 Curtains and pillow, now I can do that!

  11. I have the same sewing box and it was my grandmothers ! Love it, but the hinge is broken on my lid and it has a ring mark on the top from a glass so I really need to try to restore it. My mom taught me to sew and although I don’t make clothes, pillows are abundant in our home!!

  12. Oh I love it Sonya! My grandmother had the exact same sewing box. Gzz maybe I should go looking for one. It’s a great storage option. Sadly, I’m not a seamstress like she was but I do dabble in a bit of no-sew or hand-sewing no and again.
    Love it.
    Happy Monday
    Cheers to you and yours

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