31 Days Dollar Tree Fall Garland

Day 29: Dollar Tree Fall Garland

Today I want to show you how to add a simple and inexpensive fall garland to any space.

Decorating for the seasons shouldn’t be overwhelming.  It should be fun!

Dollar Tree Garland on windows

You can make any space festive without feeling like you have to go over board

and make some elaborate decor that you find on Pinterest.

Simple can be just as festive.

Dollar Tree Felt Leaves

By taking twine and these $1 a pack felt leaves from the dollar tree, you can jazz up any room.

Dollar Tree Leaves and twine

The leaves just slide right on to the twine.

This dollar tree fall garland can hang between 2 windows, as I did here, or across the mantel.

Dollar Tree Fall Garland

So, while you are working to bring your home to order don’t get bogged down with over the top decorating.

Make something fun that you and your family will love, that won’t take a lot of time or money.

Dollar Tree Garland on windows

Have a GREAT day,


Bring this home to Order

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  1. I bought some of those leaves but used them on wood pumpkins, things like that. Love simplicity of your garland with bright, happy Fall colors, looks great. Nice to see when a person wakes up. Happy week

  2. Good morning Sonya!
    I was just thinking yesterday about what to do for an easy garland for the fireplace. This is perfect! And there’s a Dollar Tree right across from the kids school. Guess where I’ll be stopping this afternoon!

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

    Hugs & Blessings …

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