31 Days How to make a Framed Fabric Garland

Day 21: How to make a Framed Fabric Garland

I love fabric. I always have extra in my craft room.  For years I held on to way too much but recently I got rid of a lot.

I did keep one rubber maid container, just in case 🙂

Well that “just in case” sure came in handy when I had a fun idea.

Framed Fabric Garland Collage


I already had this great wooden frame with the wire attached to the back.  I bought it at a yard sale.

I cut my fabric into stripes about 1 inch by 12 inches.  I used two different coordinating fabrics.

Framed Fabric Garland Stripes

Then I just tied the fabric over the wire, alternating patterns.

Framed Fabric Garland Knot

Framed Fabric Garland Chevron

I have plans of hanging this on a gallery wall in the craft room.

It’s fun, crafty and cute!

Framed Fabric Garland Final

This is an easy project that you can do quickly and with your kids help!

Check back as my 31 day series continues and you will see the gallery wall hopefully by the end of the month.

Update including craft room gallery wall photo!

31 Days The Craft Room Art Wall

**The Craft Room Makeover (link to see the gallery wall where this piece is hanging)

Happy Monday!


***You can see the rest of the series  here.

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  1. Hi! Your 31 days of decluttering has really inspired me to start one too:) I started yesterday by making a list of things i really want to get done and since I am on vacation and don’t yet have children i thought i would try to catch up with you but lets see how it goes. Tomorrow I will start with the kitchen cabinets since they have started to get so un organized that it hurts my eyes. Cant wait to see the craft room ready!

  2. Very pretty and so cute, quick, versatile. Can change out the strips any time. Great idea. How did you finally get rid of fabric? You are much braver than me. I’ve had fabric for years but can’t get myself to get rid of it. About the time I would I’d find a project I could use it for. My fabric has been all over the country with us when we moved. Along with all my iris carts full and other boxes, much to my husband’s consternation.
    We live out in country so when I decide I want to make something I go into my sewing stash to see if there’s something I can use that’s not outdated. Usually can find something in there. Guess I had good enuf taste to buy fabric that can be used for pillows, table runner, curtains. I also have lots of great trims I bought in KY at a designers shop. They’d be clearancing trim out and I’d grab what I could, has served me well. Wish I still had them close.
    Have fun, isn’t making things the best? Happy week

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