Shopping Bag Art Tutorial

Shopping Bag Art Tutorial:

It’s almost here, the biggest shopping season of the year.  The time where we go out looking for that perfect gift for the perfect person.  I’m getting really excited.  I love shopping for others.  So many stores these days have the best shopping bags for you to carry your items in.  For them, it is a great way for you to walk around the mall and show off their brand.  For you, it’s a great opportunity for some free art material.

Since my daughter loves makeup, she is always keeping these cute shopping bags from the store. SO, as a DIYer, I love coming  up with ways to use items in a different way. This shopping bag art tutorial is a great example and super easy for anyone to do.

Shopping Bag Art Tutorial

The supplies include 11X14 frame and art canvas, gold duck tape, spray paint and your shopping bag.  The frame is not required but since my art canvas fit perfectly I wanted to use it to add an accent color to the gallery wall.

Shopping Bag Art Supplies

I love the Rustoleum spray paint because it has great coverage and dries rather quickly.  I just took the frame outside and gave it 2 coats of paint.  While the paint dried I worked on adding the gold duck tape to my canvas.

Shoppng Bag Art-Spray Paint and Duck Tape

The 11×14 size art canvas works great with duck tape because the stripes line up exactly even.  I just started taping at one end, skipped a space that was equal size to the width of the duck tape then added another stripe of the gold.

Shopping Bag Art Duck Tape Canvas

Next step was to tape the bag to the canvas.  I used double stick tape.  I would recommend that you also use the double stick tape to close the bag shut so it doesn’t come open while hanging on the wall.

Shopping Bag Art Finished

Here is what the shopping bag art looks like on the gallery wall in my daughters room.  It is fun, shows her personality and also adds a pop of color.

Shopping Bag Art on the wall

Shopping Bag Art Gallery Wall

You can see her entire room tour here.

We also made the NY T-shirt art and you can see how it was made here.

Shopping Bag Art Tutorial

I hope you are geared up and ready for the holiday shopping season BUT don’t forget while you’re out there shopping to keep your eyes open for your next diy project!


  1. Adorable! I’m going to save all of my shopping bags and do something like this. I’m in love! Thanks.

  2. This is awesome! Absolutely love this idea! I may have to do this in my own home, too cute!

  3. This is such a cute art idea for a teen’s room. I would have loved this when I was a kid. I remember saving special bags to use for carrying gym clothes back and forth to school. It was a status symbol to carry your clothes in bags from certain stores. (Like Benetton…Does that even exist now?)

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