I Heart NY Artwork Tutorial

Learn how to reuse those t-shirts that would otherwise get donated to the thrift store. This I heart NY artwork tutorial is so easy, I almost could teach it to you with pictures only. But wait, I’m a blogger and I love words…So a few words will be in order 🙂


I heart NY artwork tutorial


This art is part of the gallery wall in my daughters newly made over room! {see it here}

Here is all we needed: our souvenir I heart NY tshirt, a frame we already owned, scissors and tape


I heart NY Tshirt


I heart NY artwork supplies


I heart NY Thsirt cut out


I heart NY tshirt and tape


I heart NY tishrt mounted


I heart NY framed tshirt


Glam Gold NYC


Seriously, I told you few words were needed for the I Heart NY Artwork Tutorial!

Supplies list and that’s it!

I like using T-shirts for art…check out my son’s gallery wall that included his T-shirts that he out grew. {see it here}


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    1. Thanks Krista! I love using items that mean something to me or my family.

    1. YES Elisha..Haven! We actually meet while in the hall going to our rooms! We were on the same floor.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and following! I heading your way to do the same. ~Sonya

  1. I love how the most simple ideas are often so brilliant! I love this! It would be a great idea for my husband’s man cave…and all of the t-shirts he has outgro…scratch that…all of the t-shirts that have shrunk! 🙂

    1. This would be a great idea for your husbands shirts! Guys love to hang on to tshirts.

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