31 Day Family Fall and Apples

Day 15: Family, Fall and Apples

Today’s post is about Family! Fall! and Apples!

We visited Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC and we had a great time!

The pictures will tell the story!


Sky Top Family Fall and Apples


Sky Top Fuji Apple Picking


Sky Top Picking Apples

Sky Top Fuji U Pick

Sky Top Apple picking

Sky Top Apple Basket

Sky Top Apple Toss

Sky Top Doughnuts

Sky Top Corn

Sky Top Love

Sky Top Walk

Sky Top Granny Smith

Sky Top the Jump


As much fun as it has been working on projects and bringing order to my home, it doesn’t even compare to the fun I have spending time with my family! You can totally see why I love them so!

Take time to enjoy life,


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  1. Sounds like you have great memories! Don’t let your kids being busy stop you from doing things with them, surprise them, I’m sure they will appreciate it! Thanks so much for always stopping by and offering me such kind words. I appreciate it so much! ~Sonya

  2. Boy do I know what you mean, looks like you’re all having so much fun. That’s what being a family is.
    Hubs and I have been on our own for quite a few years now and I still miss all the fun we used to have with the kids (4). When we lived in San Diego we’d spend lots of time at the beach areas. In the Fall we’d go up to Julian for Apple festival, all kinds of things going on. Seeing your pictures really jarred my memories.
    Our kids are all grown up, have their own families their own ways so we talk about how things used to be.
    We’ve moved a couple times since San Diego, went to MT for 7 yrs., then KY for 5 yrs., now we’re in western CO close to two of them but they’re busy. That’s life I guess, can’t keep up with them anymore. Their kids are all teenagers and some in early 20’s. Boy does that make me feel old, bummer. lol.
    Enjoy these years, they go by so quickly. Kids move away and have their own lives.

  3. This looks like such a fun family activity. There are so many places in NC that I want to visit. I’m now adding this to the list.

  4. This looks like so much fun! And you cut your hair….it’s so cute! Love and miss you!!!!

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