31 Days Order not Perfection

Day 6:  Order not Perfection

Thanks for making the start of my 31 day series so awesome!  You guys have shared and made such sweet comments and I truly appreciate it.

I thought for today I should make my goal here a little clearer.

  • I want to know where things are when someone needs something.
  • I want to know what is for dinner because my weekly menu is planned.
  • I want to do a craft with my daughter when either of us get a wild idea and do it in an organized space.
  • I want to keep things put away orderly so that we don’t go out and spend money on something we already own.
  • I want to go out after dinner and hang with my family on the patio because I don’t think I have a million things to do.
  • I want to be nice to my family not a crazy woman.
  • So, yes, I want order but not perfection!

I know that daily I will have dishes, laundry and school stuff scattered.  That’s ok! That means God has given me the blessing and responsibility of taking care of my husband and children.  I’m just saying I want to be the woman, wife, and mother HE has called me to be.  My hope is as you follow along with me in this 31 days, you find yourself bringing order to your home and family in a way that pleases those you love the most!

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Happy Sunday Friends,



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  1. Sonya I love you!!! I discover this post today, in Pinterest, and after reading some of the days I can say you are my gurú! Ja! Really. I found out two months ago that I have adhd (as well as my boy), I have a lot of energy but I am Mrs Mess. I love working on furniture, painting, cutting wood and creating things for my house, but I start doing all those thing (yes, all of them) at the same time, and I never finish anything, nothing, none of them. So these post are so specific, clear… I am married and we have a girl of 5 and a boy of 7. So many times I wanted to do a craft with my daughter in an organized space and to go out with my family without thinking I have a million things to do. Order not perfection is the key. Thanks a lot Sonya. Kisses from Argentina.

  2. Great reasons to get your house/life in order. I’m following along so I don’t miss anything. Oh, and trying to implement a little bit of this in my life too. 🙂

  3. I’m like you, I would never choose order over time with my family. I’m hoping that with the order actually comes the opportunity to do more with them! Thanks for stopping in and commenting, I really appreciate it! ~Sonya

  4. These are lovely goals. They sound so simple, but we know what it takes to get to this point. I’ve wished for most of these all of my adult life but raising a boatload of kids always made it difficult. I’m finally on the road to having order in my home, but of course the kids are all grown. It’s such a balancing act….I wouldn’t trade the lack of order over the years though, it was so worth it. Can’t wait to see your ideas for the rest of the month!

  5. “To know where things are”, yes! And maybe not just know that “it’s in that pile somewhere”. Here is to order, not perfection!

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