31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink for Men

Day 23: Under the Bathroom Sink for Men

After being married for over 19 years, I have learned a few things about my husband.

I would imagine it is true for most men, so here goes…

Nagging them to do things we want done, well, it just does not work.

I decided a while back that when my husband was ready to clean up or organize some of his things he would do it, in his time.

I realized by letting this transpire this way he was more relaxed while doing the work later.

After I cleaned under my sink last week {Day 18} I had hoped my husband would do the same.

I even bought him a storage drawer like I put under my sink.  I sat it on his counter and left a trash bag.

So today, he cleaned it out and I never said a word about it.

He has slowly been working on his office, at his pace.

It is working so much better for us both.  You should try it.  If it takes your husband a while, really it’s ok.

There are so many more important things you can be talking about with your spouse.

But in case you are wondering how he did…He did good!


Under the Bathroom Sink for Men

I appreciate so much all of the wonderful encouragement and comments I have received while doing the series.

THANK YOU for being here!


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  1. Where did you find your undercabinet drawers? Those are neat, but when I google them, I don’t see anything that nice. Thanks for all the great advise and ideas! >^..^<

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