31 days Welcome Home

31 says Welcome Home!

I think we all want to walk into our home and feel that sense of welcoming…the kind where all the weight is lifted from our day and relaxation is near.  I sure do!  Truth be told, my welcoming entrance has been a cluttered confusing mess.

You see, we don’t enter our house through the front door. The one that has the pretty wreath and a calming foyer.

31 days of bringing our home to order - athomewiththebarkers.com

We enter from our garage.  As a matter of fact, all of our family and most of our friends enter that way too.  That is unless I’ve closed the garage door so they can’t walk through the mess. 🙁

Because it is my laundry room, mud room, drop all your stuff room!

31 days Laundry Room Cluttered

31 Days of Organizing - athomewiththebarkers.com

I needed this to be a place where I could walk in and not immediately feel overwhelmed.

So I emptied this room of anything that didn’t need to be here.

Removed cabinet doors to make a shelf for the kids extra school stuff that ended up on top of the dryer.  I also took out the bench because it was only used as a place to lay more things.

Then I got busy touching up scuff marks with paint.  Glad I still had this on hand!


31 days Laundry Room Cluttered - athomewiththebarkers.com

 I started this task yesterday at 2:00! So as you can see, A LOT can happen when we put our minds to it!

31 Days Organizing Open Shelving

31 Days Welcome Home Organizing

I have had this vinyl wall art for years…just never used it.

31 Days Organizing Shoes and Backpacks

31 Days of organizing and Cleaning Laundry Room

Organizing the Laundry Room

Now, this room feels good…great actually! Even these quotes from my kids are truth telling…

Son: “Awesome, now I have somewhere to put my drum sticks!”

Daughter: “This is so clean, I’m liking it!”

Husband: Didn’t say anything, he just started throwing stuff away that I had taken out of the shelves!

I hope this inspires you and if it does please share in the comments section so everyone can be encouraged as we take this journey together!

Happy Hump Day 🙂


Bring this home to Order


  1. I bought those at K-mart. It has been a few years but I think it is something they carry in stock. It was 2 short shelves stacked on top of one another.

  2. Aha! Found you on p interest. Love the 31 day approach and love your nice clean entrance. Color is warm and inviting. Would love to be organized in 31 days, but when I look at my craft area I’m going to need much longer…like maybe a season.. Still looking for my box of summer dishes that I put away last Fall, and now it’s June. You would think I would find a box of dishes fairly quickly, but no… DID find a box of coffee table books I had forgotten about, also a box of pant hangers’ but no summer dishes. Maybe by July……

  3. I am so excited you found me and you are feeling inspired! I hope you added your email to my subscribe box so you don’t miss any of my post. Good Luck with your very own 31 days! ~Sonya

  4. I have never seen your website before, it is 2nd April, and when I worked out that April had 31 days too, I knew this was a challenge I had to accept. Today I just happened to buy a crafty wreath. In Australia, we only have wreaths on display at Christmas, but this is a multi-coloured Demdaco wreath with a huge colourful ‘Welcome”. So, I washed the front door and put it up. then picked up the schoolbags etc that have appeared since I cleared the hall yesterday. (4 boys 7 and under). Thank you, look forward to a week of getting organised.

  5. Hi, Sonya! Found you on Pinterest, here at the beginning of January 2014! Months later and your posts are still a hit! I was searching for organizational tips, came across your 31 day project. I had already done the “listing everything out of order” in my home, so we apparently think alike. 🙂 I will be going day by day, using your success as my motivation. Thank you for your hard work!

  6. Thank you for being willing to share your before pic … it helped me to see I’m not the only one and the after’s inspire me to get to work! I’m thankful for finding this 31 day list and love that I can take one day at a time. Thanks so much! 😉

  7. Ok now I’m going to have to tackle all the piles of stuff I put off dealing with. Might have to delay making any more Fall projects and it’s all your fault. Just kidding. I keep moving those piles but they keep getting bigger. I might get rid of or put away some things but when I’m in the creating mode I only want to create so things have a nasty habit of growing. Blast and darn. Hubs doesn’t seem to mind, he’s used to my creating modes. Good thing he does all the cooking or we’d starve. Yeah really. I’d eat pb&j just to fill myself all the time. Uh oh I just took a look at at piles in here, eeeeekkkk. Well you’ve gotten me to think about it at least. Thanks for the nudge gal. Happy days ahead.

  8. What a beautiful makeover! I love the bookshelf shoe rack 🙂 Wish my laundry room was big enough to make this cute (although I don’t think it would encourage me to do laundry more, it sure would be pretty to look at!)

  9. I am in there with you! My subject for the 31 days is “Taming Too Much”. Maybe we can inspire one another. Looking forward to following along with you.

  10. Love this! It looks great. We enter through our garage too….as you well know. Actually I don’t know that I can count on 2 hands the amount of people that have entered through our front door. I now need to redo my laundry room!!! You inspired me….just have to find the time. Love it!

  11. Boy, when you get busy on a project, you get busy! Your laundry room looks fabulous now! I love your chalkboard art for fall, too.

  12. Well, of ALL the links I had to click on THIS one. Make me feel lazy, Girl! Okay, guess I’ll have to get off my bum and get my place in order, too. {Why do I get the feeling that you have some sort of spyware synced up with your 31-Days to keep an eye on me to make sure I follow through?} Anyway, I’m still glad to be doing 31-Days with you and so many other wonderfully creative women. 🙂

  13. Looks great! I enjoy your blog so much! I didn’t realize you were doing this until day…..”maybe” I’ll jump on board! I sure need to !

  14. Sonya this is a lovely sprucing up of your laundry/back entry. Those shoe shelves are so handy and I’ve used them for so many purposes besides shoes. I am noticing your cute lamp, who would have thought to put a lamp in the laundry room? A great night light! I hope you are able to maintain the fresh new space. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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