31 Days Snail Mail

31 Days Snail Mail

I have this problem with mail…

I procrastinate doing anything with it.  It lays in a pile for days…ok, weeks.

When all it takes is just a few seconds to open and assess what needs to happen next.

In my house that is one of three things: trash it, pay it or call for an appointment.

It really is that easy!

But when the little simple snail mail gets procrastinated

…this happens!


31 Days Snail Mail

It never fails that every time this happens, something important gets forgotten or lost.

So today, I didn’t procrastinate! I opened the letter from the Breast Imaging Center that came yesterday, called and made my mammogram appointment! Perfect timing too…it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I lost my Dad’s mom, Nanny, to what started as Breast cancer but spread. {SO I highly encourage you to have a mammogram if you have a family history or have turned 40.}

This is a task that I will continue to work on.  So, I’m putting it out here for accountability!

I much prefer when my kitchen counters look like this BUT only because I have taken care of the snail mail!


Kitchen Makeover Full cabinet

If you have any tips for helping with my mail problem I would love to hear it! Share in the comments!

Thanks so much for following along with me for this 31 days while I Bring this Home to Order!

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  1. Thank you Sonya! This was exactly what I have been procrastinating about forever! I am glad I am not the only one with “paper clutter” issues. I read your first two days and I am inspired that others have tackled this feat and have been successful. My front door opens into my kitchen so today I shall tackle my entry corner and kitchen counter or at least as much as I can today, the remainder I will tackle tomorrow. Of course I have paper clutter in my living room and bedroom and maybe in a box or two but that is for another day. Thanks again Sonya, I will let you know of my progress.

  2. I have previously had a BIG “pending” pile of mail, but now, almost without fail, I deal with mail every day, and it’s sooooo freeing. I bring it in and stand there to sort: junk mail and address-less envelopes into paper recycle bin, papers I’m not keeping that have address/personal info into shredder, and the keepers into a “file/action” basket or pinned onto the bulletin board. Two minutes. Done. A small decision with big benefits.

  3. I got tired of all the papers on our counter too. I have a white, lacey looking tray for incoming mail & another taller basket sitting right next to it for “instant filing”. I decided I don’t care how the papers are filed for the year, just that they are all together. When the basket gets full I’ll rubber band them together and move them into the filing cabinet. Until then, I open the mail and put bills in my bill container and papers that need filed get put in my filing bin. Easy.

  4. My Husband has “stuff” too! I gave him one shelve of the cabinet above the counters…that way he can stuff what he wants in there and I can close the door and not have to see it!

  5. This drives me bonkers! My hubs lets paper sit around for months!!! I have his paper junk falling around my ears. We only have one tiny 18 inch counter space next to the stove to keep mail, phone charger and any thing else that needs to be by the entry. He has an ugly cardboard box of mail and junk and then sets tools and other things there! Aaaargh! I just want my counters clear! I have tried to put paper in a Magazine file, and he never goes through it.

  6. Hiiii
    I used to obsess with my kitchen and keeping each and every paper in its place….not to mention the rest with 3 active children.
    I have learned to put priorities in place and…yes of course…my goal still is to not procrastinate, but when I do or have to…I have realize that it is because Im giving priority to what is really important…ex: spend time playing with my kids, cook a more complex meal day, talk longer on phone with my friends (because that day I need to)..etc
    I realized that I go to homes who do have mail to be read or organized and think of them as: this home is cozy, it feels people are normal and living in it!
    Needless to say, I like your clean kitchen!

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