31 Days Painted Furniture {for Clients}

Day 25 Painted Furniture for Clients

There is a lot more that goes into bringing this home to order than my personal projects.

I also paint furniture for clients.  It is what I love to do.  It also helps my family financially.

So today I thought I would share a recent client project with you.

Annie Sloan Painted Cabinet Makeover

This piece was a little dated when she arrived at my house!

The client had seen my dresser that I painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Emperor’s Silk and loved it.

She wanted the same bold color! And I am so glad she did.

Emperor’s Silk is not for everyone but it happens to be one of my favorite colors. It makes a piece of furniture come to life and gives a bold statement to any room.

Annie Sloan Painted Cabinet After

I painted the inside with black spray paint and distressed it.  I knew it would get more wear and tear.

It also gave a great contrast when you open the doors.  I did the same for the inside of the drawers.

Annie Sloan Painted Cabinet Details

I love how the dark wax looks over the Emperor’s Silk.

Annie Sloan Painted Cabinet and Hardware

I gave the hardware a new coat of black spray paint as well.

Notice how the paint looks so great in the crackle effect that was already on this piece!

Annie Sloan Painted Cabinet Red and Black

Now she is a beauty!

Happy Friday my Friends,


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  1. I loved the piece as it was, I thought that was the finished result, I love the fine art look to it.

  2. I have that same piece and have been staring at it for days, trying to decide what color to paint it! I think I will go with French Linen and Old White on the panels and in the “grooves”. Thank you for the inspiration to get started! (Mine has simple twining leaves painted on it, but still needs a facelift!)

  3. Ow no… How could you paint over such a beautifull painted piece like that? You could have picked out another piece of furniture to paint, but not this one. I think it was very nice before….

  4. It looks really nice. You did a great job on that dresser. I love the dark color outside and inside. I completely agree that the color makes a piece of furniture come to life and gives a bold statement to a room. You really know what color to pick. The client must have been really happy.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! I am also a fan of the color, Emperor’s Silk. It gives any room a bold splash of color, that makes a room come alive.

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