Secret Habits that will make you a Rock Star Homemaker

Learn the secret habits that will make you a rock star homemaker starting today! Put these recommendations into practice and see your rockstar potential explode.

Being a homemaker is not for the faint at heart but I’m sure if you have been running a home for any amount of time you already know what I mean. Whether you do everything yourself or you have an awesome spouse who helps, homemaking is super important.

Over the years I’ve learned ways to bring joy and reward to being a homemaker.

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Let me preface this post by saying, I was a stay at home mom and have been since 2001. We are now empty nesters. I have done other things over the years to earn money and now this blog is my full time job. I have not worked in a job outside of my home in a very long time.

Whether you work in an office, work from home or don’t work at all for pay, we are all still homemakers. We are the one’s who manage the home.

Secret Habits that will make you a Rock Star Homemaker

I consider myself a successful homemaker, not a perfect one but successful nonetheless. There are things on this list, mostly if it involves cooking, that I don’t consistently do well.

However, I have been working on that weakness by trying a Meal Planning Menu Board Strategy. It has been a life saver at meal time.

Weekly Meal Planning Tip

4 Habits of a Rock Star Homemaker

Habit #1: Rock star homemakers put their family first

As women we are always putting others first but the people who live inside our home MUST come before all others.

This means if you volunteer to deliver food for someone who recently had a baby, consider your family first. Don’t let them go hungry or eat out at fast food because you put someone else before them. I’m all for helping others, I promise, but always consider your family first then offer to help others if you can work it out.

For example, in the above scenario, be sure to double your recipe and feed your family as well. Or bake a cake and cut it in half for each family. This way you aren’t doing any extra work while taking care of your friends and your household.

It’s the little gestures when we put our family first that make for rock star homemaker status.

I had a dear friend model this behavior to me while my kids were toddlers and I’m so glad she did.

Habit #2: Rock star homemakers plan

Plan everything! Meals, doctor appointments, school activities, etc. Use a central calendar for everyone to see. I like good old basic calendar/planner and pencil. Pencil because there are many times things change I need to erase and I hate scratching through pen.

Some of you love using digital calendars, that’s fine too.

holiday kitchen prep hand writing recipe cards

Keeping a list of food items you need before grocery shopping is a great step in planning your meals. Use a magnetic notepad for staying on top of it.

Habit #3: Rock star homemakers say no

Stop saying yes to outsiders if it means saying no to insiders. This goes back to habit #1. There are also times when you have your family all taken care and there is no seemingly real reason to say no.

That is still not a reason to say yes. Stop saying yes to things because you are afraid to offend someone. Especially at church! I love Jesus and church too but just because you have toddlers doesn’t mean you need to lead another craft night with the kids or take on VBS.

Say yes because you love it! Otherwise, it’s ok to say no.

Rock Star homemakers need a break too.

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Habit #4: Rock star homemakers serve

Serving others comes natural to some people. It’s instinctual. If this is you, thank you, you make the world a better place. If this is not you then I have some help. Serving your family from the heart is key here. I’m not talking about lazy family members who yell for things from others rooms and get mad when you don’t bring it.

I’m talking about serving your family out of love. Try this. Ask your husband and kids if there is anything you can do that would make their day better and easier. You will be surprised at what they will say.

Being a servant to your family isn’t the same as being a slave. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to serve your family. After all, you created that family for a reason!

There is so much more that goes into being a homemaker like cooking and cleaning but I think there must be a foundation from where we start.

Holiday Baking Sonya in the kitchen

Now go and be a Rockstar!

Secret Habits to becoming a Rockstar Homemaker


  1. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. You will not regret saying no. When you use your priorities as the stepping stone to saying YES then you will only say yes to the right things. ~Sonya

  2. Hi! I had to stop by and say thanks for reminding folks that it is ok to say “No”! I ‘ve been a SAHM for 17 years and while my kids were in elementary school, I felt obligated to sign up for everything. One day I declined a volunteer position and it immediately made me feel better. I felt less stressed and empowered by MY choice. I still volunteer, but like you said, it’s for things I want to do and it’s on my terms.

  3. I’m so glad your found my site and something that encouraged you. I was a SAHM from the time my son was one, and while I was pregnant with our daughter. Both of my kids are in college now. I would do it all over again. Honestly, at first it was hard. I’d get a little upset with my husband bc he had lunch with adults while I ate lunchables at 11:30am, LOL. I tell you that to say, keep perspective and why you are making the choice. Always put your family first over others but not necessarily always first over yourself. There are times you need a little separation. If you get the chance to get away for a few hours, do it. Kids are really great helpers when it comes to cooking and cleaning. All you have to do is make it fun. Good Luck and if you have any questions I am happy to answer them. ~Sonya

  4. I am considering leaving the work force and have been doing a lot of reading on becoming a SAHM. I found your post to help me reconsider my “why”. I want to stay home to put my family first. I know that this will come with a lot of cooking and cleaning, but I feel like you put it into perspective. Thanks!

  5. Hi Sonya–fun to find your blog– got here through a pin my niece did on Pinterest! Like your bright friendly style and your photos are fantastic!! Read your “about” and we lived in a bunch of places (13!) our first 20 years being married– the first one was my Grandmother’s home while she was off staying with family for a few months! And we were in Spain as missionaries there for 12 years in the middle. Loved your ideas– especially planning an serving–taking care of the people we love… I’ll be reading ahead with you… Blessings.

  6. Thought you might want to know #1 says DO let them go hungry…

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