7 Tips for Winter Home Decor after Christmas

Winter home decor can feel unsettling and blah after all of the festive Christmas decorating is taken down. Read on to see how I am transitioning my Christmas decor to cozy winter home.

Winter decor tips

Decorating your home January and February

To me winter means cozy. It is a time where less is truly more. Time to sit by the fire, watch movies, and just enjoy being home on a cold winter night.

It is my tradition to remove my Christmas decor on December 26th. Many people wait. This blog post is going to be perfect no matter which day you decide to remove your Christmas decor.

January and February can be a tricky time of year to decorate your home. We are stuck between an over the top festive time to light and airy spring. Now your design style and sticking with it no matter the season will help.

This post will give you 7 great tips for after Christmas home decorating options.

Winter Mantel Decor

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7 Tips for Winter Home Decor after Christmas

1. Christmas Tree

Pack the big Christmas tree away. We want all of our living room space back. If you can stand to have your tree up a little longer because you like the glow of the lights, remove all of the ornaments and leave the tree naked. This is such a cozy look.

Bathroom winter decor

Smaller little trees work better for me because I much prefer to put away almost all of my holiday decor at the same time.

2. Greenery

Remove all items that are very colorful. Leaving only the neutrals, whites and greenery will give the best winter cozy feel. I like to use ribbons around our home during the holidays so I may keep a pretty bow out if it falls in the neutral color palette.

If you choose greenery that can be kept out year round you also have less to put away.

Flat back wall basket

3. Repurpose

Rearrange some items into new places. Rethink how you were using the items. For example, take a collection of all small trees a create a beautiful winter mantel.

Christmas to winter decor

4. Art and photos

Replace any holiday art, or sayings with winter photographs. Think of framing family photos from ski trips or home photos with snow all around. If you live in a warm climate this may look different for you.

5. Candles and Fire

Utilize your white, cream and natural color candles. Even the battery operated ones are still great to use. The glow of the light is warm and cozy.

6. Cleaning

Time to wash all of your throw blankets. Especially if you have any sickness and lots of people in your home during the holidays.

As you’re removing the Christmas decor that needs packed away dust, vacuum and mop your home. My simple home cleaning routine is how I keep on top of our home.

Cozy Winter Home

7. Less is more

Declutter as you go. I am a minimalist at heart but I love decorating. Not the type of person who has stark white walls and modern style. Minimal in the sense, I keep what we use and love, and toss anything we don’t. It’s that simple.

Cozy winter decor
Bedroom Christmas decor

For me decluttering is how I transition between holidays or seasons. It’s how I stay on top of keeping our home at it’s best. Keeping our home cozy during the winter and simple lets me declutter better.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I much as I have enjoyed sharing it.


  1. I LOVE the tip of framing snowy or wintery pics, and I also definitely needed the reminder to wash all of my throw blankets. I’ve been prepping my home for our annual floor refurbish and have been trying to clean up and throw out stuff when needed, and your post definitely gave me the inspo to go above and beyond. Minimalism really is the best!

  2. WoW!!
    I too removed the color and kept the green and neutral… luv it !!
    Luv your pics… HaPPy. NeW. YeaR. ?

  3. Such great tips Sonya! Excited you joined us this week for Welcome Home Sunday! Loved sharing your blog with my readers!

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