Mixing Your Own Paint Color

 Have you ever wanted to paint something but just didn’t have the color on hand you needed?

You know, when it’s 9:30 at night and you get a great idea and you just have to explore it!

Mixing you own paint color-At Home with The Barkers

This does happen to all creative minds…Right?? 🙂

This is where all those cans of paint “sitting around” come in handy.

The Non-Professionally way of mixing your own paint color:

*Just mix what you have together until you come up with the color you need

*Don’t worry about all those different brands, just stir together

*Make your art teachers proud by remembering your color wheel!

Mixing you own paint color-At Home with The Barkers

So, it really is that easy!  Now I’m off to apply the second coat of paint to this cutie!

And if you are wondering where in the world is she putting that coral side table….

Stay tuned for my daughters room makeover!

You know right after I show you my son’s room!

Happy Friday Friends AND Thanks for spending some time

At Home With The Barkers,


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  1. Could I please have your recipe for Chalk paint? I have tried three on Pinterest and it comes out to thick & chalky! I’d really appreciate it! I love all your ideas & I’ve been mixing paint for years! Love it!

  2. I so agree with the late nights with creative minds! It’s actually 2:35 am right now and I got to your Before/After post of your daughter’s room from Pinterest. I’m planning to renovate my bedroom & office so I can have a little play area for my girl.

    I think with mixing paints, they are quite similar with mixing food color. A little drop goes a long way! And always, ALWAYS test with a plank of wood before doing the whole wall.

    You did a great job on the whole project by the way! You’re such a great momma for taking initiative on your daughter’s liking. 🙂

    Iris @ Earth Love Skin

  3. I tried this with tile paint and acrylic paint. I wanted mallard Green. I had an idea on what the color was to look like. I took some blue acrylic and green and black with some blue tile paint that I had and just mixed it all to the color I wanted. I then put it on the tiles and let it dry and sealed it and put in on as a back splash! It was so cool. My kitchen was southwest style and it just make the whole kitchen, it was great!!!

  4. Just remember oil paint and latex paint do not mix!!! LOL check the cans before mixing together.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by Krista! When your paint color failed, what were you mixing paint for?

  6. I love that your colour turned out so well! I tried this recently but unfortunately I had a major colour fail… oh well, live and learn. I sure do love using up my old bits of paint though. Great tips:)

  7. Three cheers for you, for just mixing what you have! I do that all the time and it saves a lot of $!

    Thanks for sharing it at Monday Funday!

  8. WOW, you sound a lot like me…when the mood strikes you take action! Great idea with the acrylics and thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  9. What the heck, why not. I”ve been mixing paint colors, brands for years. Whatever works.
    We’ve lived out a ways from town in all 3 past homes we’ve had. So when you get an urge for a color you better figure out some other way than running to town.
    I wanted to paint our living room in house in KY but knew by the time I went to get paint and got back I’d be out of the mood. My son had left about 3/4 gal. white/semi-gloss when he got done with part of remodel and painting. I thought a minute and went to my studio to see what brown color acrylic paints I had; emptied about 13 little bottles of different shades of brown into the 3/4 gal. Got a lovely tan color, mixed it up good and went to it. Believe it or not that gal of paint did our whole living room which was quite big .I had to move furniture around, patched nail holes with some kind of hole filler and painted the room with one of those flat paint pads cause I couldn’t find the trays and rollers. I was going to paint that l/r that day. Took me awhile but I got it done and loved it. No I couldn’t make that color again but I had a color I wanted, not white. What did I have to lose? Sure surprised the hubs when he came home off the road. Happy Days

  10. Adding the chalk paint was a risk but since Emperor’s Silk is such a bright red, It only took a few spoonfuls!
    Thanks for stopping in to take a look 🙂

  11. I’m always mixing colors too! I think 80% of my posts feature colors I mixed (sherwin williams and chalk paint….no matter, I mix it all! Just not with each other yet…I’ll have to try that 😉 ) So if somebody really likes the color and wants to know what I used, they are a little out of luck!lol 😉
    LOVE the color of the table, btw!!

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by. You were very brave for your first try, I like that! I’m a just go for it kind of girl too!

  13. Such a pretty color!

    I mixed my own color when I did my very first real piece. It reminded me of a creamsicle. And I kind of did the same thing as you, mixing different brands until I got what I wanted!

    Can’t wait to see your daughter’s room with this piece in it!

  14. I mix my own colours all the time! Only, I need to stop getting crazy with it because I keep ending up with gray and thinking that I have no business mixing at all. LOL

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