Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

Learning to make you own homemade chalk finish paint is a great way to save money as well as use up the extra paint you may already have at home. Follow my easy DIY chalk paint instructions in this post.

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

When I decided to do a makeover on my mantel, I knew I wanted a paint that I could wax over for an aged look.  This would be the perfect time to try a homemade chalk finish paint.  I have used a few different brands of chalk type paint however they are really expensive! Since I already had the paint I needed leftover from painting my dining room I was ready to go.  All I needed to do was make the homemade chalk finish paint consistency I needed.

I had heard that Plaster of Paris was the product I needed.  So with a little testing, I came up with the right mixture. You can purchase the plaster of paris from any home improvement store.  I bought mine at Lowe’s and it will last me for a while.  If you can see this box holds 4lbs. You can also grab it from Amazon through the Prime service for a great deal! See this awesome post for best ways to shop Amazon.

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint-Supplies


Homemade Chalk Finish Paint Recipe:

1 1/2 cup of Latex paint

1/2 cup of Plaster of Paris

1/2 cup of cold water

Step One:

Mix the Plaster of Paris with the cool water.  It will have lumps so make sure you stir until they are all gone.  It will be the consistency of skim milk.

Step Two:

Add the latex paint.  Again, mix together until completely combined.  This made plenty of paint for my mantel.  I could have actually cut the recipe in half and still had enough paint for this project.

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

I decided to use the Annie Sloan wax that I already had at home.  The paint went on really smooth and I was very pleased with the outcome.  It waxed just the same as any of the other chalk like paint products I had used previous. Sealing chalk paint is a must though or you will get stains.

I have already used this formula for another paint project! I highly recommend it as a cost effective way of making your own homemade chalk finish paint.  Additionally, you aren’t limited to the paint color options the other brands offer.

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

Visit the Mantel Makeover for a full tutorial on how to make your own wood plank mantel.

I also painted these topiary pots and this black bedroom set with the homemade chalk finish paint.

I’d love to hear your experience with chalk finish paint of any kind…so please share in the comments!

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  1. I painted the desk I was talking about, used Annie Sloan paint and wax, yikes expensive but wanted to se the real dal for first project. I had to use two coats to cover it and I really should of used three! Not real happy with the outcome though. Hmmmm wonder if I did something wrong.

  2. Did you have to do any special prepping of the surface before using your paint, or could you paint it right onto the surface like commercial chalk paint?

  3. I have painted all kinds of surfaces with Chalk finish paint. You can use what ever wax you prefer. I plan on trying the Minwax one soon.

  4. I have a desk that I bought at Office Depot. It is not real wood but that pressed board. Can I cover it with chalk paint? It gets lots of use so waxing it will seal it so the paint won’t chip off? Also any other brand of wax besides ASCP can be used? Thanks love your painted furniture

  5. Thank you for showing us all making our own chalk paint is a good idea, much more versatile and cost saving. If I could only buy the commercially made chalk paint I’d never get to use it. Not everybody can afford the fancy stuff. I’ve made some of my own chalk paint with other ingredients and it worked quite well. I used what I had on hand since we don’t live close to a store for supplies. When I get the urge I want to be able to go for it then. I’ve yet to use plaster of paris but have heard it works better than other ingredients. Glad you told us about this and showed us. Think one of those mixing cups you used would be handy also. Happy Spring days. I saved this so I can print it out, want to do it right when time comes.

  6. I tried making my own chalk paint for a recent project. Total failure. I think I had the proportions way off. I will definitely try it again, though, and follow your recipe!
    Thanks for sharing … the fireplace looks fantastic!
    Hugs …

  7. Mine was not thin but you can add a little more of the latex paint to it until it is the consistency you like! FYI, I usually ad some water to my chalk paint for the second coat to thin it down because it covers really well!

  8. I just mixed my chalk paint. Was yours thin? I thought the consistity wound be much thicker. I could have done something wrong

  9. I love it! I love hearing about people’s success stories with homemade chalk paint because it takes away some of the anxiety I have about trying it. I have an old bedroom set that has seen better days but the detailing is gorgeous so I’m thinking some chalk paint is exactly what it needs.
    Your mantle turned out amazingly well! Love it!

  10. It is a beautiful color! It is a Sherwin Williams color called Gauntlet Gray but I had it mixed at Lowe’s in the Olympic One.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! This will be great to do some dressers I have. 🙂

  12. I love that color! Do you mind telling me the color name? Thanks

  13. Thanks for showing us how to make chalk paint. At $40 a quart, it’s hard to justify buying a certain color that one might need for a small project. Now I can make my own and save a ton of money! Thanks for the instructions!

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