Grain Sack Bench Makeover

Grain Sack Bench Makeover-DecoArt-Americana Decor-Chalky Finish Paint #chalkyfinish #decoartprojects

Since I have recently completed my dining room makeover I had this bench that no longer matched any of my decor.  In all honesty, the bright yellow was something I wanted to repaint almost immediately after I painted it last year.  I decided it was finally time to get it done and I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

This was my first time using the Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint and I love it! Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint is available in Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, A.C. Moore and other stores. 

DecoArt-Grain Sack Bench Makeover-Chalky FInish Americana Decor

My Grain Sack Bench Makeover colors include: Timeless, Lace and Relic.

I started with 2 coats of Timeless.  I was worried that in order to cover the yellow I may need more than 2 coats but the creamy thickness of the paint covered it completely with 2.

DecoArt-Grain Sack Bench Makeover- Americana Decor-TImeless

Most of time when I want and aged or antique look I will distress a piece with sandpaper.  I did not want to see the yellow showing back through so I used a different technique that I love called dry brushing.  I used the color Lace to dry brush over the top.  Then another dry brush layer of Timeless very lightly over that.

I did not do this technique on the legs, just the top.  This gave the bench a textured look, like a real grain sack.

DecoArt-Grain Sack Bench Makeover-Dry Brush Painting

Next I taped the lines down the center.  I used a sponge brush and filled in between the lines with Relic.

Love this color.  It’s a perfect charcoal black.

DecoArt-Grain Sack Bench Makeover-Painting stripes

AND the No 29….well that is a special date in our house.  Both of my kids were born on the 29th.  I just drew it on with pencil and then used a small thin artist brush to paint over it with the relic.

DecoArt-American Decor Paint
DecoArt-Americana Decor-Grain Sack Bench Makeover

I usually wax all of my pieces but I decided to try the Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish.  It goes on with a brush and dries clear and I have to say, I love it!!  I will use it again for sure.

DecoArt-Americana Decor-Soft Touch Varnish
DecoArt-Grain Sack Bench Makeover-Farmhouse Table Bench

Today I wanted to try it out at my farmhouse kitchen table.  I like it.  I think it will more than likely end up moving around a lot!  I’m sure when you see my fall home tour, you will find this grain sack bench some where else.

Grain Sack Bench Makeover-DecoArt-Chalky Finish
DecoArt-Grain Sack Bench Makeover-Before and After #chalkyfinish #decoartprojects

Have you ever tried the Americana Decor Chalky Finish?  I’d love to hear about your projects!


  1. Thank you! I measured 1.5 inch center line with half inch on each side. The painters tape is one inch wide. Hope that helps.

  2. I absolutely love how you bench turned out! I was wondering about how wide was your center and side stripes? I like how they are substantial but now overpowering. Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration!

  3. I hopped over from the link part, what a great idea and I love the results. I saw someone had done something similar on some fabric but hadn’t thought about doing it on wood. Love it!


  4. I love your bench, Sonya! It turned out great! After using it for several projects, Americana is my new favorite paint. I was wondering about the varnish so I’m glad to hear your opinion about it. I’ll be picking some up for my next project. 🙂

  5. Love your bench! It’s gives me incentive to use this paint. I also love your site.

  6. Sonya this looks so GREAT! I loved the yellow but wow it’s so much softer with the neutral colors and stripe. I also love the new look of your site! ;0) Great job once again my friend!

  7. Love this project!! Very creative. I painted a fabric chair with chalk paint a few years ago and painted a grain stripe and I totally love it. Great job!!!

  8. I love what you did with this! The difference between the bright yellow, and the new, Frenchy grain-sack looks is dramatic!! The number 29 touch is perfection. Love that little special details.

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